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"I just wanted to let you know the V15 program is an amazing tool for my business. There doesn't appear to be anything the program cannot do. I am still amazed at all of the V15 features."
Kurt S., Koch Corp.

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What's in the New Version 15.2.14 (updated 11-02-15)

See the Update Archive
  1. Added a “Favorites” column to the Glass Table in both the master list and the glass tab in the drawing window. We also changed the glass tab list so that you can edit most of the information in that list of glass.
  2. Added Packages to Order and Package Quantity columns to the No Price Final Parts Report.
  3. Fixed a bug with drawing the split and dimensions where a transom window spanning multiple panels was drawn along with split panels below that window.
  4. Fixed a bug that occurred when re-opening the Door Frame list. Not sure when or how this problem occurred. No other forms we know of had this same problem.
  5. Fixed one cause to the “Program already running” message that has haunted us for a while. Cancelling out of the Vendor Selection window was one cause for this error.
  6. Fixed a bug when split panels at the sill were used in combination with alternate vertical material. Interrupted sill pieces were not drawing properly in this case.
  7. Add a Glass to Order print option to the Final Glass Report.
  8. Fixed Copy command in the Glass Table when copying a glass part to a new one. If this copied glass was added to an elevation, the first letter of the Glass Type would not show up on the drawing.
  9. Updated Trulite export tool in Final Parts report to show all quantities in the Packages column.
  10. Added the GlassID to the View glass feature in the Glass tab of the drawing window. This will show the ID that corresponds to Glass Table for the type of glass you are viewing. Remember to View by Lite if a row of glass has multiple types.
  11. Updated Note on the Splice tab to be clearer. Also added validation it won’t allow the same splice height to be entered more than once.
  12. Changed how the Optimizer would only use the Part Type “Stock”. The Final Parts report will now show whatever Part Type is assigned in the Job Parts table for the stock parts. Extrusion and Stock are the two suggested values.
  13. Fixed a Backup Jobs bug where a field to be added to the backup file was trying to get added even if it was there already. The user never saw this error. Also fixed a record count caption error in the Restore Jobs window. User didn’t see this error either.
  14. Fixed bug when you opened and closed the Customers window and then go to the Optimizer.
  15. Added code to prevent a comma (,) from being used in various parts of the program. For example, a comma in the elevation name will break the export for cut list parts with a saw stop machine.

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