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John E., Central Window Sales

What's in the New Version 15.5.2 (updated 3-14-18)

See bug fixes in previous versions here...

15.5.2 contains enhancements from 15.5.0 and a fix to altenate verticals

  1. Bug fix: 15.5.2 fixes an issue with alternate verticals. In 15.5.0, alternate vertical parts were not properly applied to an elevation and the parts were not changed.
  2. Enhancement: You can now add multiple alternate verticals at one time. When adding an alternate vertical, you can select multiple verticals.
  3. Enhancement: Added ability to group columns in the cut list grid.
  4. Enhancement: Added Print List button to Glass by Job grid.
  5. Bug fix: Print button under the drawing was not showing a preview. The print button was not going to the print preview screen.
  6. Bug fix: Copy elevation sometimes corrupted the database. Copying an elevation and then quickly changing the name right after sometimes caused the database to get corrupted.
  7. Bug fix: Entrance favorites do not appear at the top of the list. The entrances screen did not show favorites at the top of the list when it was initially opened.
  8. And more....
See bug fixes in previous versions here...

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