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John E., Central Window Sales

What's in the New Version 15.6 (updated 8-21-18)

Video: Click here to watch a quick summary video of the new features.

Read: Click here to look a thorough overview of the changes.

  1. New Feature: New Shop Drawings window! Clearer, easier to use interface more options and customizations including custom Title Blocks.
  2. New Feature: More Accurate Display of Glass. Optionally turn on the glass layer with the frame to see the real size of the glass overlapping the frame.
  3. New Feature: Alternate Verticals Highlight. Alternate verticals are highlighted orange to indicate they are not typical.
  4. New Feature: Display Face Covers. Optionally turn on the Face Cover/Cap layer to see how the program is calculating your face cover cuts.
  5. New Feature: More Control of the Elevation Description. Optionally turn on/off various portions of the elevation descriptions.
  6. A New Way to Help Improve WinBidPro! This version includes the option to help us improve WinBidPro by allowing the program to send anonymous statistics about how you use various parts of the program. If you approve this on startup, it will automatically send us information about errors, and it helps us see what features users care about so we can put more focus on the things people want and need everyday.
  7. Read the full list of changes in the 15.6 updates here...
See bug fixes in previous versions here...

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