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"I just wanted to let you know the V15 program is an amazing tool for my business. There doesn't appear to be anything the program cannot do. I am still amazed at all of the V15 features."
Kurt S., Koch Corp.

What's in the New Version 15.4.6 (updated 1-31-17)

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15.4.6 contains contains the another round of bug fixes.

  1. Bug fix: The framing system head parts were included for a door header. In most cases, the head parts configured for the framing system was included with any door header, even if the door frame was not a H-type frame.
  2. Bug fix: Couldn't cancel out of changing all elevations' frames. When a user clicked the button to change all elevations to a particular frame and then tried to cancel, it would still change them all.
  3. Bug fix: Adding a centerline sometimes shortened the elevation. If there were fixed panels before any centerline, the elevation width would get shorter.
  4. Bug fix: The Job Backup was not working. The job backup file was not getting updated properly with some recent database changes which caused it to error. This has been fixed.
  5. Bug fix: Sills wouldn't always cut correctly.
  6. When there was a window with splits at the sill, the sills would be cut too short and in the wrong positions.
  7. Bug fix: The dimensions of a split window are incorrect. The dimensions of the openings in window that had splits were always starting from the left side of the window causing them to be too long and overlapping each other.
See bug fixes in previous versions here...

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