April 1st, 2019 Price Increase (No Fooling!)

Why are prices going up?

GDS is investing heavily in the development of a new WinBidPro v16 program, and hope to have an initial release ready for you by the end of this year. In mean time we have been working hard to improve the v15 program by adding valuable features that have long been on our wish list. Aside from v16 being an all-new program, the big news is that the vendor catalogs will be web hosted. The added cost of using and managing a server for catalogs will be a sizable expense for GDS. However, the release of a whole new program with tons of new features, added power, and greater flexibility still makes WinBidPro the best value around.

You may have noticed that we have been slowly adding web based functionality to our software, but cloud based catalogs will be a huge jump for everyone. Not only will your access to catalogs improve, it will also help with catalog updates and maintenance. There will no longer be a need to install catalogs, or move catalogs to file servers in order to share them with others. We are all becoming more accustomed to "cloud storage" and I'm sure you appreciate the conveniences this techology offers.

When v16 is ready, you will be able to use both it and v15 with your existing license to GDS. We want the transition to this new software to be as simple and painless as possible. In addition we plan to let you import vendors that you have created and modified in v15. As with major upgrades in the past, the jobs from the older system will not be imported.

Since our job is to always improve on what we offer, you should find many compelling reasons to use the new v16 program when it is ready. You can already login to any computer that has WinBidPro installed using your email address. With v16 you will do this and see all of your vendors and jobs with any computer that has v16 installed.

Keep an eye on our web site and for our newsletters, and we will keep you informed on our goal of getting v16 to you by the end of the year. In the meantime,we will continue improving WinBidPro v15 to make sure it is as effective and powerful as it can be.

When does the increase take affect?

April 1st, 2019

How much will it be?

The first user license will change from $445 to $475 per year

Each additional user license will change from $160 to $175 per year

Can I renew before the price increase?

Yes, you will be able to renew your license before the price increase if you have less than 90 days remaining on your annual subscription.

You can easily check when your license is due for renewal by either clicking the Sign in link in the top right corner of this site, or by clicking the GDS License link at the bottom of the menu tree inside WinBidPro. If your user license is part of a Team managed by someone else in your company, you can tell him or her that this is possible.

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