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What's in the New Version 15.8.6 (updated May 14, 2019)

Read: Click here for a quick overview of the changes.

  1. Enhancement: Use architectural elevation reference codes You can now assign architectural reference codes to your elevations which will be used in your Cut List as well as other reports.
  2. Enhancement: Customize the elevation description under drawings. We still lack standard terms and styles for everything. To compensate, we've added a way for you to format the elevation description any way you like from the Drawing Settings window.
  3. Enhancement: Elevation Parts reports are easier and faster to print. Now you can produce an elevation parts report for multiple elevations very quickly from the print reports screen. You can also review these lists more easily from the Parts by Elevation window.
  4. Enhancement: Apply Framing System changes to a subset of your elevations in a job. Got a job with lots of elevations using different systems and you realized a part is missing in one of the system? No problem! Now you can change the master system and reapply it to specific elevations in your job.
  5. Enhancement: Improved startup experience. We've reduce the number of screens opening on startup, especially if you check the box to open the last job on startup.
  6. Enhancement: More Title Blocks added. We added basic 11x17 and 24x36 title blocks that work with dynamic data in our Shop Drawings window.
  7. Bug Fix (Affects glass cuts!): Transom Add to Daylight value not calculated properly at the head. Unless the transom had stops at the head, the "add to daylight" value was coming form the framing system instead of the door frame system at the head of the transom. If the "Add to Daylight" value of the 2 systems were the same, your glass was the wrong height.
  8. Read the full list of changes in the 15.8 update here...
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