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What's in the New Version 15.9.x (updated Aug 22, 2019)

Read: Click here for a quick overview of the changes.

  1. Enhancement: Automatic optimization. You can open the optimizer's cut list and watch it change as you work on elevations!
  2. Enhancement: Final parts, cut list, and stock list views were improved.
  3. Enhancement: Export/Import Jobs to/from files. This can be used for backing up and sharing.
  4. Enhancement: Export/Import Frames to/from files. We've improved this feature. This can be used for backing up and sharing.
  5. Enhancement: Door Scehdule view. We've added an experimental door scehdule view. Access it via the Print Reports view.
  6. Bug fix: Elevation quantity was not included in final summary calculations.
  7. Read the full list of changes in the 15.9 update here...
See bug fixes in previous versions here...