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What's in the New Version 15.4.8 (updated 3-9-17)

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15.4.8 contains the another round of bug fixes.

  1. Bug fix: Sill was sometimes split in the wrong situations. When adding a vertical split to a panel, it would split the sill even if the split didn't go all the way down to the sill.
  2. Bug fix: Duplicate key error. Modifications to elevations occasionally got a "duplicate key error" preventing the elevation from drawing.
  3. Bug fix: Reports were missing time and date. The time and date were missing from the Metal Cut Listing and Glass Listing reports.
  4. Bug fix: Job name was not updating on cover page.
  5. The job name on the border page was not updating when the job name was changed.
  6. Bug fix: A door jamb was sometimes missing. The left door jamb was sometimes missing depending on a few specific combinations of options in the door frame and general framing system.
  7. Bug fix: Hardware parts did not always show the correct supplier. Parts in the hardware list didn't always display the correct supplier.
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