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Powerful and Easy-To-Use! With eShowers you can quickly draw, create cut patters for glass, and a complete list of parts for nearly any all-glass shower enclosure. eShowers installs on your computer, but uses secure cloud servers for the included parts catalogs, jobs, and drawings.

eShowers Pricing
$750 signup fee
Single License: $100 per month
3 User License: $200 per month

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eShowers Tech Sales
Phone: 858-538-4375 x1
eShowers Tech Support
Phone: 858-538-4375 x3
Email: sales at gdsestimating com
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Email: support at gdsestimating com
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Of course we think so! We are often told by our customer that the software is very user friendly when compared with our competition. You can create your own enclosures in a a matter of minutes, and referencing the available documentation and training videos is all you need to learn the true power of the software. Why not sign up for a free trial and see for yourself?

It is actually both! Drawing intensive software like this is faster and more effective when run on your local computer. With that said, the Cloud is ideal for storing data of all types. The drawings you create in eShower, as well as the included part catalogs are all stored on a web server in the "Cloud". The eShowers program is really the best of both worlds -- the speed of a desktop program, and the versatility of a Cloud program.

Absolutely! eShowers is a full featured program that will give you 3D drawings, complete parts lists with costs and labor charges, exports for glass fabricators, and a complete set of reports.

You can email Support at GDS, or call us between 7:30am and 4pm Pacific Time. Most questions are easily answered, but if you need more extensive help, we can use our LogMeIn Rescue software to access your computer and show you first hand what to do.

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