GDS Estimating Software Install Help

Here is how the Install/Uninstall process works:

Installing WinBidPro

1. Go to our Downloads Page and you will see a heading for New Users. Read the directions and then find the Download WinBidPro v15.2 button.

2. Run the GDSv152.exe file once it is downloaded. First you might see a User Account Control message warning you that changes are about to be made to your computer.

Then you will be presented with a typical set of installer screens to walk you through the installation.

By default, WinBidPro will be installed in the following folder: [C:\WinBidPro] You have the option to change this location, or we suggest you leave it on the default setting. This will make troubleshooting and any support you may need easier in the future.

3. You will be presented with our GDS License Agreement as well as a WinBidPro Readme file that will explain some important points about using this estimating software.

You will see this icon on your desktop after the install, or in Windows 8 you will find a tile in Start screen. Use this icon any time you want to open the WinBidPro software. After completing the installation of WinBidPro, you will want to install one or more Vendor Catalogs. We provide a large selection of catalogs for you to choose from, and each one would get installed into the WinBidPro folder. See the Catalogs page on our site for more information.

Uninstalling WinBidPro

1. There are a couple of different way to uninstall the GDS WinBidPro software. One method with Windows 7 and 8 is to click the Windows icon an type WinBidPro. This will show a list of programs with the word WinBidPro in them. Now click on the program that says "Uninstall WinBidPro ...".

Another option is to go to the Control Panel and use the "Uninstall a Program" under the Programs option. Look for the name "GDS Storefront Estimating WinBidPro v15", select that and click Uninstall.

2. The Uninstaller will remove all system files and program files for the GDS WinBidPro software. There are, however, a few things that will NOT be removed. The C:\WinBidPro folder will remain on your computer along with the Master.mdb database file. This contains all of the glass parts and user settings for the WinBidPro software. In addition, any vendor catalogs that were installed for WinBidPro will remain in this folder. These catalogs contain job information and should only be intentionally removed by the user.