WinBidPro 15.9 Released


15.9 has been in the works for months now. We’ve made some huge improvements to WinBidPro in this release and are excited to finally share them with you. This update includes lots changes so I’ll get right into it:

Automatic Optimization

The optimizer will now run automatically in the background. No more hitting “Get Elevation Parts” and then “Optimize” buttons.

New Data Grids

A few reports have been updated with a modern data grid. These grids will allow you to sort, group, and filter any way you like. You can hide, show, rearrange columns and more. The program will remember how you left it the next time to open them as well. The updated grids include Cut List, Stocks List, Final Parts, and Parts Per Job Report.

Final Parts Improvements

Final parts will now show custom changes as separate Line Items. It will additionally show inventory items you added to your optimizer’s Stock List. See more changes in the image below.

Export/Import Job Files

You can now export jobs to a file with a .wbpj extension (WinBidPro Job). This allows users more choice in how they backup and share their jobs. It will also allow you to easily email or copy a job file for another computer or WinBidPro user.

Export/Import Framing System Files

This experimental feature in a previous release has become a little more stable. Similar to jobs, you can export and import framing systems from a .wbpf file. This allows you more choice in how you backup and share framing system configurations with fellow estimators. As with jobs, you can send an export of framing systems to another WinBidPro user. Note that they must also be using at least the v15.9 version of the software.

New Door Schedule Report

We have added a Door Schedule report. It is still somewhat experimental and we are looking for feedback about it. Let us know what you need to see in this report and how we might improve it for your workflow.

New Menu Icons

We cleaned up the menu icons and removed some that were less necessary. Let us know what you think!

Cancel changes to Framing Systems

Before 15.9, if you accidentally changed or removed a part, it could not be easily undone by hitting the Cancel button. We’ve now made it cancel all changes to a framing system configuration. We plan to add this same functionality to door frame and door configuration views in the near future.

Set Subsill Thickness for More Precise Vertical Cuts

Add More Hardware to Door & Door Frame Components

Before 15.9, there was a limit of 10 parts per component. Now you can add as many parts as you like to each component. This helps with custom doors that need many hardware parts. Note: this will only work in 15.9. Users opening a 15.9 job in 15.8 will not see the additional parts in their reports and those parts past the 10 limit may get removed.

Additionally, we plan to implement this feature for Framing Systems very soon in a future update.

Performance Improvements

We continue to improve the speed of WinBidPro, especially over networks. We believe this release will show significant improvements for those users sharing catalogs on a networked computer or drive. If you continue to experience major slowdowns over a network, please let us know.

Arcadia, Inc. 2019 Catalog Posted

We just posted an updated to the Arcadia, Inc. Catalog for WinBidPro v15

We posted the latest Arcadia catalog on April 9th, 2019. There is no pricing in this version of the catalog since we are waiting for a complete price update from Arcadia.

There are a few new framing systems, and all systems have been checked over for the correct part numbers and details.

Go to the Arcadia page on our site to download and learn more about what is in this catalog.

Missing stock length values in 2019 r1 YKK catalog


We heard that the stock parts in the recently updated YKK catalog had 0 stock length values. We quickly fixed this and posted a 2019 r2 catalog with the correct stock lengths.

If you downloaded the YKK 2019 r1 catalog, you can always backup any jobs you created, install the r2 catalog, Remove the r1 catalog from the list, then restore the jobs to the r2 catalog. All harmony will be restored after this!

Get the Latest YKK AP America Catalog Here.

WinBidPro 15.8 Update


We spent the last couple months making some big improvements and many bug fixes to WinBidPro. Check this list of notable changes and continue reading on for more details!

  • Use architectural elevation reference codes in your cut list
  • Improved startup experience
  • Customize the elevation description under drawings
  • Elevation Parts reports are easier and faster to print
  • Apply Framing System changes to a subset of your elevations in a job
  • License Renewal reminder inside the program
  • New Welcome Window with news and tips

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Use Architectural Elevation Reference Codes

This has been a common request and we are happy to finally bring you the ability to use Architectural reference codes in your cut lists and other reports. When you create an elevation, you will have the opportunity to enter a “Code” as well. This is a short reference code (typically 4 characters or less) that typically comes from the original architectural plans and that can fit onto the cut list report.

The elevation code is editable from the elevations list

The Cut List report will now use the code instead of the sort #. By default, codes will be set to the Sort # if you prefer to continue using it just like previous versions.

You can toggle the elevation code on and off in your drawing settings.

Improved Startup Experience

Starting with 15.8, you will no longer be asked to select a particular user account upon login. Instead, you’ll get a one-time prompt to confirm your local user details. From there you will be logged in as that user, automatically, based on your activated WinBidPro license.

Further, when you select the “Open Job on Startup” checkbox, WinBidPro will open to the job that was open when the program last closed. This used to not work when a different vendor was selected at startup. Now the program will remember the last job for any vendor you have used.

Customize the Elevation Description

You may wish to format the description under your elevations in a manner that suits your company and/or your client better. You can now create a custom elevation description. Special variables surrounded by curly brackets like {this} will be replaced with data from your elevation and job. See the example below and this help document for the full list of variables available to use. If it’s still missing something you want, let us know. We love feedback from our users!


Elevation Parts Reports Improved

The elevations parts report is a commonly used report to track the parts of each elevation. Before 15.8, it could be frustrating to print for a job with many elevations because you could only print one elevation’s report at a time, and then have to close the elevation parts window. Now in 15.8, you can switch elevations from within the report window using the dropdown selection at the top.

Also printing the Parts per Elevation reports from the Print Reports window is much faster and easier because it will now allow you to select multiple elevations and compile each report into a single print job.Apply Framing System changes to a subset of your elevations in a job

Apply Framing System Changes to a Subset of Elevations

Most of us have been through this — we built 20 elevations in WinBidPro and then realized we forgot a part in the framing system…

Now in 15.8 you can reapply a framing system to specific elevations of your job, multiple at a time. You just have to modify your system in the master list, then go to the Elevations screen and click “Change Framing Systems”. It will then ask which elevations to apply it to.

New Welcome Window

This new Welcome Window will now have important update messages to alert you of anything that needs your attention, as well as what’s new in the update, and general tips for using the program. Note: We realize now that the “Don’t show …” checkbox is not working in this update, so we have fixed it for the next one.

WinBidPro 15.7 Update


Today we are releasing another major update with exciting new features. The most notable features are:

In addition to these improvements, we also fixed several bugs and made some performance improvements. See below for more details.

Caulk Joints

Adding caulk joints and showing the Rough Opening have been a top request for some time. Now, you can open the framing system screen and add a caulk joint to your elevations for more accurate cut lists and more detailed drawings of the whole opening.


The caulk joints can be added from the layout tab of the editor window…


and from the elevation’s framing system screen.


Dimension Labels

Most dimensions on the drawing now have labels that clearly state what components of the drawing they belong to. These will visually aide fabricators and installers and reduce mistakes.


More Dimension Options

From the drawing settings, you can now toggle more dimensions on and off which can aide in adding or taking away details for the appropriate parties (eg. fabricators vs clients).


More Layer Options

From the drawing settings, you can now toggle the “Caulk Joint”, “Frame”, and “Doors” layers on and off.


Printable Layer Options

Turning layers on and off now has a more direct impact on your drawings when printing. Before this update, some layers were always shown for printing. Now, most layers may be toggled off from the drawing settings and those settings will be respected in your Shop Drawings/Print Preview screen. This enables you to do things like just printing glass.


WinBidPro 15.6 Available


Today we released a major update to WinBidPro with new features and bug fixes. The most notable feature improvement is a completely new shop drawings screen but this update contains much more. Watch the video using the link below to see an quick overview of the new features, and continue reading below to get a more thorough look at all the features and bug fixes. Version 15.6 may be downloaded on our downloads page.

Video 1: A short overview video demonstrating some the latest features

Video 2: A more detailed video about the Drawing Settings and Shop Drawing changes

Video 3: A video explaining the New Shop Drawing Title Block feature

Shop Drawings

New Screen with Clearer Options and Previews

WinBidPro 15.6 makes shop drawings easier to generate and more customizable. We put a lot of work into making the options clearer and easier to modify. We also took this opportunity to add new options to further customize shop drawings to your own style.

Better Elevation Alignment

When using multiple elevations per sheet, elevations are centered and aligned using an improved algorithm that makes for a more natural look to your shop drawing sheets

Custom Title Blocks with Automatically Filled Text


Just automatically generating sheets with elevation drawings is pretty cool, but these days it’s pretty standard for professional drawings to have a title block–that rectangular border along the edge of the sheet with descriptive information on one side. Version 15.6 brings the ability to create a completely customized border that can turn ordinary shop drawing sheets into a very professional looking set of architectural drawings.


Your title blocks can have a company logo, custom “Attributes” that WinBidPro will automatically fill in (see the above image), and whatever else you like. Set this up once, and then let WinBidPro generate these for you in just seconds.

Read more about Title Blocks in WinBidPro here

Elevation Drawing Improvements

Show/Hide Layers

This version gives you more elevation drawing options. You have more control over the visible layers via the drawing settings menu as well as the Show dropdown button in the toolbar just below the elevation drawing.


More Accurate Display of Glass

The glass layer may be displayed at anytime and you will notice the glass will show more accurately, overlapping with the frame members to show the add-to-daylight values.


See the Face Cap Cuts

We added a new layer for face caps that shows the face caps on the elevation drawing. This can be helpful for verifying the cut lengths of your face caps. You may turn this layer on and off from the drawing settings screen. In the following example, horizontal face caps are shown in green.


Show Alternate Verticals

It’s now easy to identify which verticals have been assigned alternate parts using the alternate vertical tool tab. In 15.6 we highlight alternate verticals in orange to make it obvious it is not a typical vertical. This makes it easier to review your work and know you have assigned the proper parts to your verticals.


Performance Improvements

15.6 brings changes how we load your jobs and process your elevations. When you open a job, we will reprocess all the elevations of the job immediately. This makes switching elevations faster and somewhat improves the performance of WinBidPro for people sharing catalogs over a network. Additionally, this should reduce the rate at which catalog databases grow which will improve the program’s startup speed and performance.

Bug Fixes

    • Job Backup was not always backing up all job information.
    • Subsill on a bulkhead to the right of a door subframe started in the wrong place.
    • Alternate verticals were not overriding door jamb cuts.
    • Automatic splices for verticals next to door jambs were not always using the correct stock length.
    • Glass stops were not always cutting properly.
    • The Door Height dimension was not always showing when there was a bulkhead in the elevation.
    • Splits above a door are cut too long.
    • The joint counts for elevations using a can system were too low.
    • Face Covers were not always splicing properly sometimes causing short pieces and more cuts than necessary.
    • Parts added to an alternate vertical would not save properly if the part was not already used in a framing system within the job causing it to not be included in the cut list

A Variety of Smaller Changes

You will also notice some other changes scattered throughout the program.

  • We added a date to the text underneath the elevation drawings. This can be turned on and off in the “Drawing Settings” window along with all of the other information that appears there.
  • An “Edit Job Glass” option was added to the menu tree. This lets you edit any piece of glass in a job from one central list. This is very helpful in SSG systems that need height or width adjustments for glass touching both silicone and captured components.
  • We arranged and indented the menu tree options under Elevations a bit more logically
  • We made the Glass List in the Glass tab of the drawing window grow with the size of the program window. This will show you more columns of information than it did before.
  • You can now enter information in the “Supplier” column of a glass part and it will appear on the printed glass reports. If you want to get creative, you can add energy information to this field instead of the name of the supplier.

WinBidPro 15.5.3 Released!


15.5 brought brought a much requested feature and several bug fixes. Since then we’ve released a few patches that fixed issues that have been around for a long time, and also a few issues introduced with the 15.5 release. The major issue resolved in this patch was that changing an elevation’s sort order would not resort all other elevations properly. This issue was introduced in 15.5 but is now fixed. This release also includes some minor stability improvements. Find the full list of fixes on our update archive page.

Manko Windows Catalog Updated!


monkowindows-smallWe just posted an updated Manko Windows catalog with dozens of new Storefront and Curtain Wall frame configurations. All configurations include CAD detail drawings and miscellaneous hardware.

We always recommend checking any framing system you use for an estimate, but these are complete systems that will allow you to create fast and thorough bids along with full shop drawings.

Go to the Manko page on our site and download their latest catalog.

WinBidPro 15.5 Released!


This update includes a few enhancements including the ability to add multiple alternate verticals with a single action. Included in this update is also a number of bug fixes reported to us over the last couple months. You can find a full list of enhancements and bug fixes on our update archive page.

Tubelite and Cardinal Catalogs Updated December 8th


tubelite-logo-small New parts, prices, details, and framing systems were added.

400T Curtain Wall:   An extensive list of the 400T systems were added to the 2018 r1 Tubelite catalog.

Both Polyamide and standard pressure plate systems were configured in all profiles along with a variety of horizontal and vertical conditions.

A complete assortment of details drawings for all of these systems are included with this catalog and each new system has details assigned.

cardinal-logo The Cardinal catalog has new pricing and all existing frame systems now have detail drawings assigned. Some of the systems have been updated with new parts as well.

Remember that you can use the v15 Repair Utility to copy any systems and doors from an older catalog to this new one. With all of the details added to the 2018 r1 catalog, it would be easier to start using this one rather than updating your old Cardinal catalog.