New Tubelite r2 Catalog Info!



If you have already installed the 2017 r1 Tubelite catalog, we want you to be aware of a couple issues.

A:   We found that these “P”, “ADMP”, and “AFMP” parts had different finish color pricing, where they should just be one price. These parts are not the type that have different finishes.

WinBidPro will use a finish price if one is found for the finish set to a specific job, so this should be corrected as soon as possible. You can install the r2 Tubelite catalog that is now on our Catalogs Page of the site and do one of two things to correct this pricing issue.

  1. You can start using the r2 catalog, and copy any jobs you have started from the r1 catalog.
  2. You can use the UpdateTubelite tool to use the r2 catalog to fix the pricing in the r1 catalog. Here is a Tutorial Video  that shows you how to update your parts and pricing with this tool.

B:   Another issue you will encounter with your Tubelite r1 or even the very first day the r2 was available is that the CAD detail drawings were installed in the wrong place.

The image below shows the correct location for these detail folders in your Tubelite catalog. If you see these folders in side the main Tubelite Inc folder, they need to be cut and pasted into the Vendor Details folder. You can answer Yes or No when asked to Overwrite existing files if asked. Once these folders are inside the Vendor Details folder, the details should show up correctly when you do Shop Drawings and View individual details. TubeliteDetailLocation

New WinBidPro Catalogs Posted!


Go to our Products – Catalogs page for these catalogs and more!


A new 2017 r1 Tubelite catalog was posted on May 2nd, 2017. A pricing update and new parts were added to this update, as well as the following framing systems:

  • 900 Thermal and Ultra Thermal  Ribbon Window Series
  • 24650 Non Thermal, Thermal, and Ultra Thermal Series
  • INT45 Interior Framing Series

All systems are thoroughly configured with parts, prices and detail drawings.


An updated Coral Industries catalog was posted on March 24th, 2017. This update includes all new list pricing, and adjustments to various framing systems.

Fix for Login Issue in 15.3.8


Many of our users running version 15.3.8 or below will have issues logging into WinBidPro to verify their license. To resolve this issue, download our latest release of WinBidPro here (version 15.4.9). To learn more about this issue, continue reading.

Versions of WinBidPro below 15.4 had support for Windows XP operating systems. However, this support required that we allow communicating with our server in an insecure way. Recently, we have decided that WinBidPro 15.4 has matured to a stable version and that we should no longer allow communication with our license server that is vulnerable to hackers. As a result, you may need to update to the latest 15.4 version of WinBidPro.

While most users on 15.3.8 are affected, there may be some who are not and can continue using 15.3.8. Certain versions and configurations of Windows force the newer security standards that allow 15.3.8 to continue functioning, but at this time, we are unsure what exactly those versions or configurations are. Microsoft makes this difficult to track and we therefore can only recommend that you update WinBidPro.

WinBidPro 15.4.8 Released


GDS Icon Orange 100

WinBidPro 15.4.8 is another release focused on fixing bugs. Download it here. A few of the most important fixes are below and the full list of fixes can be found in our update archive.

  • Bug fix: Sill was sometimes split in the wrong situations. When adding a vertical split to a panel, it would split the sill even if the split didn’t go all the way down to the sill.
  • Bug fix: Duplicate key error. Modifications to elevations occasionally got a “duplicate key error” preventing the elevation from drawing.
  • And more…

As always, your feedback is important to us! We can’t make WinBidPro without your voice. Don’t hesitate to email our support staff with issues or features you wish us to add.

WinBidPro 15.4.1 Released


GDS Icon Orange 300If you didn’t already see it, we released 15.4.0 Beta last month with some significant performance improvements, fixes, and additions to the WinBidPro. We are now ready to take 15.4 out of beta with this latest 15.4.1 update. The beta actually ran quite well with very few new issues. This version contains fixes for a couple bugs introduced in the beta release, but also several problems that have been in WinBidPro well before the beta.

Here are some of the things we changed in 15.4.1:

  • Resolved an issue with the Shop Drawings export feature that could cause the program to slow down or crash
  • Fixed a problem adding arches spanning more than 1 panel (in 15.4.0 beta)
  • Fixed an issue with missing data when printing reports (typically only occurred when working with slower, networked vendor files)
  • Fixed the cut calculations involved with splits
  • Includes a “hotfix” for an occasional problem with optimizing parts that are part of the same component but come in different stock lengths. In this version, the cuts are not ideal and should only be used for estimating. We will make a more thorough fix in an update in the future.

A more thorough list of the fixes in this version can be found on our update archive page.

Thank you to everyone who tried the Beta and let us know how it worked for you! It’s your feedback that makes WinBidPro better. We are already working hard on 15.5 with more big improvements including a way to add alternate verticals more easily to an elevation! A lot of you have asked for this and I’m happy to report it’s on its way!


WinBidPro v15.4.0 Beta Released


GDS Icon Orange 300I’m very excited to announce this update for WinBidPro! We’ve been working on this update for 4 months! This update includes a lot of changes to the core code of WinBidPro to make it run faster and more reliably. On the outside, it still looks mostly the same. But on the inside is a new heart. So what should you expect if you try the 15.4.0 beta update?

There are far too many changes for us to list them all in this announcement, but you can find the full list of all the improvements and fixes in this update on our change-log page, but a couple key improvements are:

No slowdowns when sharing a vendor file with someone! The majority of the work the last few months went into improving performance for multiple concurrent users using the same database file. Before, users sharing vendors noticed that WinBidPro got painfully slow when 2 or more of them used the same vendor file at the same time. With this update, it should run smoothly with almost no noticeable slowdown.

General performance improvements for a single user. WinBidPro didn’t just speed up for teams. For individual users, the program runs as much as 4x faster when recalculating and drawing an elevation.

This update was about much more than performance though. This was the first of a series of major changes planned for WinBidPro that are laying the groundwork for us to add modern features such as web connectivity, modern looking UI, and better tools to make your life easier. We still have more to do, but you can look forward to an even simpler, faster, and more helpful WinBidPro as we continue making these core updates.

We thank you for your patience with this update and we hope to make more frequent updates so you don’t have to wait so long for improvements in the future. If you decide to try the beta (download here), please remember to send us some feedback, even if it’s just to say that everything is running fine.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

eShowers Software Available Through GDS!



GDS Estimating is proud to announce that we are an official Marketing Affiliate to CyberFlex Software out of Australia. We found the eShowers software to be easy to use, powerful, and extremely feature rich! We are happy to offer it here in the U.S. as a cost effective tool for creating all-glass shower quotes and drawings.

eShowers comes with four, complete, installed part catalogs and more on the way. Licensed users also have the option to add a custom catalog where your own parts can be added to the software. All catalog parts have been configured with the correct cutout details for accurate and complete glass fabrication drawings.

Go to the eShowers page on our site, get your own 30-trial, and see what eShowers can do for you!

Posted New Enviralum Industries, Inc. Catalog!



We are happy to announce the Enviralum as the newest addition to our list of GDS catalogs! Go to the Enviralum page on our site, download this new catalog, and learn more about Enviralum Industries.

Make sure your WinBidPro v15 software is up-t0-date! The latest version is v15.3.8. Go to our Downloads page if you do not see this version on your computer.

Update to v15.3.8 for Bug Fix!


GDS Icon Orange 100 We discovered a bug related to the Optimizer in WinBidPro. There is a setting in the System Defaults window for the “Sawblade allowance”.


This setting was not getting stored properly in the v15.3.7 version of WinBidPro. The v15.3.8 update will fix this problem. If you are already running v15.3, you can simply install the patch from our Downloads Page to fix this.

We also recommend that you double check the saw blade setting in your software to ensure it is correct. The default value is .125 as you see above, but you could change this depending on the blade you use.

.NET Message During Install or “90 day evaluation period has expired” Message


You might have experienced one of these messages on your Windows 10 machine. The .NET message below may occur while you are trying to install the program, and the 90-Day message may occur when trying to run the v15 program.


If you see this message when installing WinBidPro v15, you probably have a new installation of Windows 10 . Go ahead and answer NO to this prompt and the WinBidPro install will finish.



This message might be followed by more some errors, so you will have to close out of all that before following the steps below.

The solution to both of these problems is described below. The false “Expired” message is also due to a feature for .NET being turned off in your Windows OS.

In Window 10, the .NET 2-3 versions are actually a feature that can be turned on and off. Click in your search box in the bottom left corner of your screen and type “features”, then click “Turn Windows features on or off” from the search results. You should see the following window appear.


If the box next to the highlighted line on your computer does not have a black square, you will want to click in it to select it. If asked to “Download Windows Updates”, go ahead and answer Yes since the files needed for this .NET feature must be downloaded. This will turn On the .NET feature in Windows.

If you received the “90 day evaluation…” message, you are finished. If you received the .NET message, follow the steps below.

Now you will just need to run the VectorDraw Converter setup manually so that WinBidPro can created DWG files for CAD. To do this go to your Windows File Explorer and navigate to your C:\WinBidPro folder. Then open the VCAD folder. The contents should look like what you see below. (Type “file explorer” in the windows search bar to find the File Explorer)


Now double click the setup.exe file and the installation for the VectorDraw Converter will start. Click through this install and everything should be set for your v15 software.