Pneumatic Punch Press for Curtain Wall and Storefront Systems, by SHOHAM

GDS has partnered with Alumen to offer pneumatic punch presses to glass shops in the U.S.!  These presses are specific to a given manufacturer and their systems. See a video below for a demonsration. Contact Us with questions, pricing and availability.

Force = Up to 71,000 psi | Air Pressure = 55-70 psi | Weight = 200-220 lbs

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A Punch Press for Curtain Wall Systems can process all that is required for horizontal mullions, pressure plates & cap weep holes. A Punch Press for Storefront Systems can process all that is required for horizontal and vertical mullions including door hinges and overhead stops.

These Punch Presses can cover 40% of the work that is done by your CNC. For example, for Curtain Wall fabrication you can process all horizonal mullions using a punch press only, and even save time. In fact, doing the same work using a Punch Press in lieu of CNC can save you 60% of the time and the cost of Punch Press is 10 times less than cost of an average CNC. If you would consider qualification level of operator, required footprint of equipment, power supply and cost of maintenance of CNC vs. a Punch Press, you will save 90% - 95% of overall production cost on top of the difference in the cost of the products.

Your Punch Press will be delivered to your shop in a crate. As soon as you mount it on any work bench and connect to any compressor (even portable), it is ready for work.

  • No special qualifications are required from an operator.
  • Each Punch Press is pre-set to a particular Curtain Wall or Storefront System. No adjustments or settings are required before you start using it.
  • You can’t go wrong because each die can fit only mullions that are meant to be processed.
  • It only take 2’ x 2’ floor space in your shop and can be moved around when using a work bench on casters.
  • No special maintenance is required. Regularly using standard lubricants will prolong the life of all cutting parts.
  • You can use it 24/7 with no need to stop for things like overuse, overheating, or maintenance other than lubrication.

Yes you do. In fact there are different presses needed for different types of systems from even the same manufacturer. The same family of material can often use the same dies, but different types of systems will always need different dies. One machine can have up to 8 dies which each die serving its own purpose. One could be for holes, one for slots, one for notches, one for pressure plates, one for face covers, etc.

Kawneer and Alumicor dies are readily available, but we can have dies made for any manufacturer. Tell us who you buy from most and we can get dies for that manufacturer. Popularity of a manufacturer will determine if there is a tooling charge or not.

Alumen sells specific stands for punches. It is important to have easy access to all sides of the machine so that material can be fed in from any direction. You could always fabricate your own stand, but you purchase pre-made, painted stands.

A punch press is configured pre-installed with dies from a given manufacturer. All of this is purchased for one charge. The number of dies that can fit on a machine is determined by the profile and type of the material

In the past 6 years Alumen has distributed in US and Canada more than 180 punch presses for Kawneer, Alumicor, and Commdoor curtain wall and storefront systems. The Punch Presses are manufactured and sold around the world for more than 30 years by Shoham Machinery Ltd.

The Punch Press has a lifetime warranty on all major parts and a limited warranty (depending on your shop work capacity) on punching pins and blades. A very busy shop will need to replace cutting parts every 3 years and it cost around $200 - $300 per Punch Press. Regularly using standard oil lubricants will extend the life of the cutting parts.

Pricing varies with the frame type and number of dies, and the products are imported from Isreal, so pricing is difficult to publish on the web site. Contact us directly and we will be happy to give you estimates when we learn what your needs are.