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Problem Logging into WinBidPro v15? Install the latest v15.4 Update. CLICK HERE to get to the Downloads page.


It has been over nine years since we released the v15 WinBidPro software. We are no longer posting any files for the v14 software since we no longer have any of the software used to make or support it. We encourage all users to update to version 15 to take advantage of your subscription to the fullest. WinBidPro v15 receives regular updates, features, and enhancements to make your life easier. We only have one old computer with the licensing software for v14. For the remainder of 2016, you can contact our Support department if you need a license only for v14. When this computer dies, there is nothing we can do. XX

Read this helpful PDFfor help on sharing vendor catalogs on your server. This allow catalogs and jobs to be shared by mulitple users. The only catch is that you can't work on a job that someone else is already using.

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Microsoft .NET 3.5

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AutoDesk (the makers of AutoCAD) sells a program called AutoSketch which can be purchased directly for $265. A little more costly than QuickCAD (the version it replaced), but it very easy to use for a CAD program, and plenty powerful for creating professional shop drawings. Search for AutoSketch on the web to find the retailer of your choice and competitive pricing.