What's in the New Version 15.4.8 (updated 3-9-17)

15.4.8 contains the another round of bug fixes.

  1. Bug fix: Sill was sometimes split in the wrong situations. When adding a vertical split to a panel, it would split the sill even if the split didn't go all the way down to the sill.
  2. Bug fix: Duplicate key error. Modifications to elevations occasionally got a "duplicate key error" preventing the elevation from drawing.
  3. Bug fix: Reports were missing time and date. The time and date were missing from the Metal Cut Listing and Glass Listing reports.
  4. Bug fix: Job name was not updating on cover page.
  5. The job name on the border page was not updating when the job name was changed.
  6. Bug fix: A door jamb was sometimes missing. The left door jamb was sometimes missing depending on a few specific combinations of options in the door frame and general framing system.
  7. Bug fix: Hardware parts did not always show the correct supplier. Parts in the hardware list didn't always display the correct supplier.

What's in the New Version 15.4.7 (updated 2-21-17)

15.4.7 contains the another round of bug fixes.

  1. Bug fix: Various report issues. Various reports had errors on some machines, but not others. We've improved the reliability of our reports and increased the speed at which they are generated.
  2. Bug fix: The labor estimate for cuts was sometimes incorrect. The number of cuts were not refreshed when processing labor which caused labor estimates to sometimes be incorrect.
  3. Bug fix: Cover page text was not positioned or wrapping properly. Text on the cover page was not positioned or wrapping properly.
  4. Bug fix: Copy Frame to All Elevations utility didn't work. The utility would error and sometime leave the elevations in an odd state.
  5. Bug fix: Panel heads sometimes overlapped door headers. A recent bug--when a head to the right of the door was the same height as the door header, it extended across the door panel.
  6. Bug fix: Splice counts were sometimes random and wrong. When splice parts were defined on the frame, a seemingly random number of splices were included in the final parts.
  7. Bug fix: Sometimes too many splits were included in an elevation. Split quantities were multiplying by the number of splits in the elevation.
  8. Bug fix: Sill was not split when a split vertical intersects it. If a split was added at the sill of a simple panel daylight opening, it would not split the sill.
  9. Bug fix: Backup and Restore routines were not always working. Various fixes were made to make backup and restore more reliable.
  10. Improvement: Markup report changes. Special characters are now allowed in the notes and a subtotal before the tax was added to one of the markup report formats.

What's New in WinBidPro 15.4.6

15.4.6 contains the another round of bug fixes.

  1. Bug fix: The framing system head parts were included for a door header. In most cases, the head parts configured for the framing system was included with any door header, even if the door frame was not a H-type frame.
  2. Bug fix: Couldn't cancel out of changing all elevations' frames. When a user clicked the button to change all elevations to a particular frame and then tried to cancel, it would still change them all.
  3. Bug fix: Adding a centerline sometimes shortened the elevation. If there were fixed panels before any centerline, the elevation width would get shorter.
  4. Bug fix: The Job Backup was not working. The job backup file was not getting updated properly with some recent database changes which caused it to error. This has been fixed.
  5. Bug fix: Split sills wouldn't always cut correctly. When there was a window with splits at the sill, the sills were cut as if the window only stretched across the first panel of the window.
  6. Bug fix: The dimensions of a split window were incorrect. The dimensions of the openings in window that had splits were always starting from the left side of the window causing them to be too long and overlapping each other.

What's New in WinBidPro 15.4.5

15.4.5 contains just a few fixes to address some bugs.

  1. Bug fix: Glass area in the final and summary reports was sometimes incorrect. The glass area calculation was not taking into account the minimum glass area of a lite.
  2. Bug fix: Master.mdb errors could be confusing and repetitive. Various improvments were made to make Master.mdb problems clearer.
  3. Bug fix: An wide alternate vertical in the right jamb changed the width of the elevation. If the right jamb had a different profile from standard verticals in the framing system, it expanded the elevation's width beyond the opening.
  4. Bug fix: Transom window spanning multiple panels sometimes caused an error. Only effected some elevations with multiple windows and including a transom spanning more than one panel. The wrong window was sometimes used when calculating aspects of the transom.
  5. Bug fix: In some cases, reports would throw errors and not generate. If WinBidPro was installed into a path with spaces, the program for generating reports would not run properly.
  6. Bug fix: Arch glass type label was not showing when it was first assigned. After assigning glass to an arch, the label would be positioned too high and it was not clear the glass had been assigned until a redraw occurred.
  7. Minor Feature: The prices in the final parts screen are now editable We enabled the ability to change the prices in the final parts grid to easily override prices as needed.

What's New in WinBidPro 15.4.4

This update contains just a few fixes to finish of a major round fixing user-reported bugs for 15.4.

  1. Bug fix: Elevation would not load giving a NULL error. In rare cases, a door frame had some invalid data causing the elevation to not load properly.
  2. Bug fix: Wrong elevation displays when there is an error. The last-viewed drawing was being displayed when the current elevation errored. The drawing will now clear and be blank.
  3. Bug fix: Adding an alternate vertical sometimes didn't work. There was a bug causing the second-to-last vertical to error when assigned an alternate vertical.

What's New in WinBidPro 15.4.3

This update contains several fixes to previous 15.4 versions. If you have 15.4.2 or below of the 15.4 series of updates, please update to 15.4.3.

Jan 13, 2017
  1. Bug fix: "Lite at Sill" was applying to all lites. Parts under the "Lite at Sill" component of the framing system were applying to all lites instead of just the lites at the sill.
  2. Bug fix: Viewing/editing details and cover pages were not working. When clicking to view or edit various cad files from within the program, an error would be displayed and stop the operation.
  3. Bug fix: Final Glass report was grouping different types of glass. The glass report should have shown different glass labels and types separately, but was merging them together.
  4. Bug fix: Alternate verticals could not replace either Wall Jamb.
  5. Bug fix: Metal Cut Count was wrong. The metal cuts were not being counted and instead adding just 1 for each elevation.
  6. Bug fix: Error displays when closing the optimizer. This only affected some jobs in CRL vendor files.
  7. Bug fix: Split opening dimensions in wrong position. The dimensions for split panel openings were drawing to the left of where they should start instead of to the right.
  8. Bug fix: An occasional missing key error displays when redawing. Some elevations have some invalid data that was causing an error that should have been ignored but instead was displaying an error message.
  9. Bug fix: Threshold and Door Stop at Head parts were usually way too short. The Threshold and and Door Stop at Head components were being fed the panel number of the door frame instead of the width.
  10. Bug fix: The program occasionally doesn't load a job on startup and has to be restarted. If the user enabled the "Load job on startup" option, WinBidPro would occasionally not find the last opened job and have an issue loading the drawing screen, requiring a restart of the whole application.

What's New in WinBidPro 15.4.2

Jan 12, 2017

This update brings some critical fixes to WinBidPro 15.4. Several bugs were reported shortly after 15.4.1 was released and are fixed in this release.

  1. Bug fix: Glazing vinyl calculation not working. Glazing vinyl was being converted from inches to feet twice, causing calculations to be severely short.
  2. Bug fix: Per Joints calculation not working Joints were not being calculated at the right time causing the "Per Joint" component to stop being included in the final parts list.
  3. Bug fix: Opening the optimizer caused a file lock error. For users with a lot of jobs, opening the optimizer could cause a file lock error.
  4. Bug fix: Issue loading an elevation A database value for transom stops was not always handled properly sometimes causing an error while loading an elevation with a door frame.
  5. Bug fix: A split with a splice didn't cut correctly. Splits that were spliced were only showing the top most cut piece.
  6. Bug fix: Alternate vertical was sometimes overriding other members. If adding an alternate vertical was the last change to an elevation, it would override the parts of all other stock-type components in the framing system.
  7. Bug fix: Missing part data error message was confusing. There was an error message displaying when a part was referenced in the framing system that no longer existed. While this could be important to do in some cases to ensure framing systems are properly configured, it was creating confusion and was a more common problem than we first realized. We have removed this message for now and will add a better warning and automatic fix in the future.
  8. Bug fix: Installer didn't always default to the C: drive. The installer was sometimes defaulting to a drive other than C: (it would go to the drive with the most space which was often a backup drive) which caused some confusion and problems running the program. The installer now defaults to the drive with Windows on it.

What's New in WinBidPro 15.4.1

Jan 07, 2017

This update brings 15.4 out of beta and into a stable release. It contains mostly bug fixes for issues that have been around since before the 15.4.0 beta and also has a couple minor feature enhancements:

  1. Added "Heat Strengthened" - Heat Strengthened is now available as a glass type and will show up in glass report summaries
  2. Bug fix: Couldn't add an arch spanning multiple panels - Adding arches spanning more than 1 panel would only span the first panel (introduced in the 15.4.0 beta).
  3. Bug fix: Opening a new vendor didn't always load properly - When the "Open Job on Startup" option is selected and a new vendor is opened, the program would not initially load properly (introduced in the 15.4.0 beta).
  4. Bug fix: Transom stops were sometimes misaligned - Transom stops at the top and sides were misaligned when there was a head receptor included in the elevation.
  5. Bug fix: Transom vertical stops appeared on splits - Transom vertical stops were included on split mullions instead of just the door jambs.
  6. Bug fix: Sometimes missing data in printed reports - Print reports occasionally missed some data (typically occurred on networked vendor files).
  7. Bug fix: Detail bubbles exported to the wrong layer. Detail bubbles were placed in the metal layer instead of the bubbles layer of exported CAD files.
  8. Bug fix: Parts of panel splits were not properly caculated - The widths of split panel openings were not properly rounded and balanced causing some misalignment of parts in the drawing.
  9. Bug fix: Generating Shop Drawings slowed down or crashed WinBidPro - Clicking the "Shop Drawings" menu item multiple times could cause WinBidPro to take up enormous amounts of memory and sometimes would cause the application to crash.
  10. Bug fix: Components with different sized stock lengths caused optimization errors - When a component had two parts that came from stock lengths of different lengths, the part with short stock lengths could cut too long and cause the optimizer to give a "Too big" error. More: Starting with 15.4.1, when a component has two parts that come from stock lengths of different sizes, the smaller stock length material is now automatically cut to a size that will work for that stock length so the optimizer can process them without any manual entry. Note that these cuts may not always be "ideal" and should be used for estimating purposes only. We will make the cuts better in a future update but we wanted to make it easier on our estimators with this quick fix for now.

What's New in WinBidPro 15.4.0 Beta

Dec 11, 2016

This was a big update that we took months to create. It offers significant performance improvements that make WinBidPro work much better in a multi- user environment. In addition, this update includes improvements to drawings, the UI of several windows, and fixes several bugs. The complete list of improvements is below:

  1. Huge Performance Increases For Shared Catalogs - The majority of this update was about making WinBidPro fast for 2 or more users working with the same catalog database file at the same time. Users shouldn't notice much difference between a shared catalog and private catalog.
  2. Improved Look and Resizing Of Optimizer Window - The grids of data in the optimizer window have a new look that is consistent with the rest of the program but the functionality has not changed much. The maximize buttons were moved to be more intuitive and resizing the window will now expand the grids without making all the fonts and buttons bigger.
  3. Fixed Optimizer Window Bug - Fixed a bug in the Optimizer window that occurred when performing multiple, consecutive deletes of cut pieces. (Note: Deleting multiple parts at once was working properly.)
  4. No Longer Need to Manually Click Redraw - A long-lived annoyance of having to "Redraw" elevations after making framing system, door, and door frame system changes has been resolved by our brilliant programmers! Now, the drawing and the parts reflect the changes right away without the need to redraw!
  5. Better Precision in Measurements on Drawings - Drawings can now display measurements with 1/32nd precision. We also fixed a bug that would cause feet measurements to sometimes display like 3'12" -- it now displays properly as 4'.
  6. Free CAD Program - A free CAD program included with v15 is completely new. All tools and features in the new CAD are now fully functional. The installer gives you the option to install this free program or not. If you exclusively use another CAD program, there is no need to install the free program
  7. Private Catalog Feature Added - WinBidPro is now able to track catalogs listed in the Select Vendor window at a user level. A catalog may be listed as "Shared" (it will display in the list for all users), or "Private" (it will display only for the current user). This is most helpful when a team is sharing a Master.mdb, but each user has their own private catalog files--the list can be enormous. Note: adding a catalog as "Private" does not necessarily mean other users cannot use it. 2 or more users may add the same file as "Private" if they each have access to that file from each of their machines, effectively making it a shared file between them.
  8. Select Vendor Window Resizing Improved - Text no longer disappears or resizes in the Vendor Catalog List window when the whole window is resized. Also the list will expand with the window to show more items rather than display in a bigger font.
  9. Edit Vendor Location window Improved - A Browse button was added to the Select Vendors Edit window. This allows you to navigate for a vendor file instead of having to type in a location manually.
  10. New Filtering Feature in Final Glass Report - The Final Glass report will now reflect the filtered data from the Final Glass form. For example, filtering the list to only Tempered glass will only show Tempered glass on the printed report.
  11. Default Export Format of Reports Changed to CSV - The default export format for Final Glass, Final Parts, and Job Labor is now CSV. This format can be opened in Excel or used by most any software as an import format. A CSV folder will be created in the current vendor with the current job’s files inside when these exports are used.
  12. New "Added Job Labor" Feature - Added feature to the “Added Job Labor” portion of labor calculations that lets you calculate added labor by either a flat price, or by the hour. The hourly rate is based on the Miscellaneous rate for the first elevation of that job. A detailed list of added labor is now included in the final labor report.
  13. Notes Added in Framing System Parts Window - A note was added to the "Cover and Receptor" portion of the Stock Length tab in the Framing System Parts window. This note just clarifies that all parts in this section are not interrupted by vertical mullions.
  14. Improved Final Glass Report - The total square foot value in the top right corner of the Final Glass report was updated to include the "minimum square foot" value when actual glass sizes are smaller than the set minimum.
  15. Fixed Arch Calculations Bugs - Elevations with arched tops, both with and without head receptors are now drawn more accurately, and their cut size are correctly calculated. The "Add to arch …" value found in the System Defaults window is now accurately reflected in the cut lengths as well.
  16. Improved Raked Top Calculations - A raked (or sloped) top now draws accurately and the cuts are more precise.
  17. Fixed Meeting Stile Parts Bug - Fixed a bug where the Meeting Stile parts for a pair of doors were not getting calculated.
  18. Fixed Add/Deduct Bug - Fixed a bug with the "Add/Deduct for Vertical Mullions and Jambs" feature where the check boxes to apply this to either wall jambs or verticals, or both, was were not working correctly.
  19. Fixed Edit Frame Labor Window Bug - Fixed a bug in the Edit Frame Labor window which occurred when trying to switch to the next elevation but it was already showing the last elevation’s info.
  20. Fixed Elevation Labor Hours and Rakes Window Bug - Fixed a bug in the Elevation Labor Hours and Rates window that was preventing you from switching from one elevation to another.

History of Additions and Fixes to Previous Version of WinBidPro v15

What's in the New Version 15.3.8 (updated 10-05-16)
  1. We fixed a problem where the "Sawblade allowance" value in the System Defaults window was not being used in the Optimizer. A typo in the code caused a 0 value to be stored for the Optimizer instead of the correct value. Double check this setting in the System Defaults window of WinBidPro. The standard setting is .125, but make sure it is set correctly.
What's in the New Version 15.3.7 (updated 08-16-16)
  1. A drawing print error was introduced in the first 15.3.7 release, but was fixed the same day. If you receive this print error, download the latest v15.3.7 update to take care of it.
  2. A bug was fixed in a late v15.3.6 version which was updated on 08-15-16. The bug was with the < > feature for adding or subtracting to stock material. This was mentioned in an email that went to all v15.3 users and is included in this update.
  3. This version has a small quirk where it will show errors if you try to close the program after opening it and not loging in with your user name and password. This problem will be fixed in the v15.3.8 update.
What's in the New Version 15.3.6 (updated 08-01-16)
  1. An error when exiting either the license window, or the program would occur for some people who were missing a required file in the v15.3.5 update. This file is included in the .3.6 update and works correctly.
  2. Fixed a bug in the Center Line feature of the layout tab. The positioning of mullions based on a center line dimensions were off. Now it is as you would expect, where the center of a mullion is positioned at a specified measurement relative to the far left – 0 point – of the elevation.
  3. 08-01-16: Fixed a problem in the first release of v15.3.6 where elevation printing was not working.
  4. The Glass Perimeter measurement mentioned in the .3.5 update was inadvertently left out, and is now included in this update.
  5. Fixed a bug with a Drawing Settings feature that dimensions horizontals from above the sill flashing. This was showing the wrong dimension for a bulkhead when the feature was selected.
  6. Added a Job Copy Info button to frame and door selection window that appears when you copy a job from one vendor to another. This new window lists all of the frames and doors that are used by the current job, making it easier for you to select their equivalents for the vendor to which you are copying.
  7. Fixed a bug related to continuous horizontal extrusions. Head, Sill, and Horizontal Covers, as well as Head and Sill Receptors. The certain elevation layouts would cause an overflow error based on how the program was trying to splice the material. We simplified to splice so that it falls at the stock length instead of the middle of a panel.
What's in the New Version 15.3.5 (updated 07-18-16)
  1. Updated the licensing software to work with the web server which, undenounced to us, was updated and promptly broke our licensing software.
  2. Fixed a bug with copying Frame Types in the Labor Defaults window. Trying to copy a new type to another type was not working with the man count settings for glass.
  3. IMPORTANT! Added functionality for transom stops on all sides of transom glass to the door frame parts window. Stop profiles, parts, and add to daylight values were added to this window.
  4. IMPORTANT! Added code to put any windows saved on a second monitor back to the main monitor if the second monitor has been disconnected. Previously the windows would not appear because they were trying to be shown on a non-existent monitor.
  5. Added a Total Perimeter value for glass to the bottom of each Final Glass Report.
  6. Changed the Door Frame transom glass setting so that it doesn’t require a profile for the horizontal and vertical stop material to adjust the transom glass sizes.
  7. Added Support and Training links to the menu tree at the very top.
  8. Fixed Help link on menu tree with respect to an error in Windows 8 and newer when trying to open Help.
  9. Fixed a bug in the Optimizer when deleting cut parts more than once.
  10. Fixed a bug when the following occurred: Dimension from sub still to horizontals was checked in Drawing Settings; A Sill Can Profile existed; The box to draw the Show Sill Can option was unchecked. The dimension including the Sill Can was still getting drawn.
  11. Fixed a bug where Left Door Jamb material was not getting included when there were multiple doors in an elevation that were separated by side lites.
  12. Fixed a bug when adding a door frame to a new elevation by selecting an entrance from another elevation which only had a door frame. Essentially it was looking to copy a door as well as a frame, but there was no door.
  13. Added a message when trying to add a Window/Transom to a panel that already has one. Two Windows can’t start in the same panel.
  14. Fixed a strange labor bug that was preventing elevation labor values from being changed. An error would occur saying “insufficient key column information”. This appears to be a Microsoft database bug that had a workaround.
  15. Fixed a bug where 0 length cut parts will cause an error in the Optimizer. This can occur when a deduct value is given to a part that is the same length or less than the deduct value.
  16. Fixed a bug that appeared in Windows 10 when closing the Optimizer window when no stock lengths were present. An “Invalid Procedure Call” message would pop up.
  17. Added code to fix a bug where trying to change the Frame Type of a framing system with one that has been edited in the Labor Defaults and has a description that is longer than 30 characters would generate an error.
  18. Fixed a problem with the Perimeter Glass calculation in the statistics window in the bottom left of the main window.
What's in the New Version 15.3.4 (updated 05-11-16)
  1. Fixed the XLS export for the Final Labor report where the column headings were not lining up properly with the data below.
  2. Added a note to the Transom Stop section of the Door Frame Parts window.
  3. Fixed problems with door frames, with and without sub frames, not drawing properly with certain sub sill and head can conditions.
  4. Added a “Change Frame for All Elevs” button to the Elevations window. This was already in the Jobs window under “Current Job Update Utilities”.
  5. The copy feature in the Door Leafs window was not adding the words “Copy of” in front of the description of the door package that was copied.
  6. Addressed limitation where glass labels were not printing multiple quantities for elevations that had quantities great than 1.
  7. Added a “Piece Label” field to the largest metal cut label format. This piece label shows a code for each cut piece. The same label code is found in the top half of the optimizer window.
  8. Added validation to prevent you from adding cut pieces that were longer than a stock length in the Optimizer.
  9. Fixed a bug when a Split mullion is added to a Window area. The dimensions were not showing up correctly. Remember, a Split in a Window must be defined From and To the panel the Window starts in.
What's in the New Version 15.3.3 (updated 04-08-16)
  1. IMORTANT FIX: Fixed a bug where the incorrect pricing of optimized material for a given color could occur. The program was looking in the wrong place for the finish color, and could very likely come up with the wrong price.
  2. Fixed a bug that was causing a problem with the Optimizer not looking at the correct part for the current job. The problem could have found the same part from another job, but with different pricing and/or stock length information. This may have caused problems in the past where a Job Part was updated, but the change was not showing up in the Optimizer.
  3. Fixed a recently introduced bug that where the left door jamb was not interrupting the sill receptor even when that setting was selected in the frame system.
  4. Also fixed bug where door jambs were not interrupted a head can correctly when that setting was selected.
  5. (April 8th) Fixed a recently introduced bug with the System Default information, not updating in memory after changes were made in that window. Markup and Tax values were also not stored properly in memory as decimal values, so they would show up as whole numbers in the markup report for new jobs.
What's in the New Version 15.3.2 (updated 03-07-16)
  1. The biggest change to this version is the new licensing scheme. Formerly a code exchange based system, the new licensing scheme is cloud based and requires an Internet connection to sign in to the software. A full-time connection to the Internet is not required, but periodic connection is. For example, using v15.3 when you take your laptop out in the is not a problem. You will want to ensure that you are signed in to the license system before you disconnect your laptop from the Internet.
  2. Fixed a bug that was preventing the edit of values in the Layout tab of the drawing window after clicking “Edit Drawing” from the Elevations list.
  3. Changed web browser feature to open your default browser instead of the old school one we had.
  4. Fixed a bug in both the Door Frames and Doors windows that was preventing the Sort selection from showing when trying to add an entrance to an elevation.
  5. Added code to widen the Job Name column when the Jobs window is expanded past a certain size.
  6. Fixed a bug when the profile of a sub frame head was different than the jambs.
  7. A Rake top bug was fixed when wall jambs interrupt head.
  8. Removed the “Calc Minimum if Not Met” check box from Final Glass Report. This is now automatically calculated merely by the value in the Min Area column.
  9. Fixed a bug with the new Glass to Order report in the Final Glass form. A timing bug in MS Access was preventing the report from showing data after it was run the first time.
  10. An option in the Installer software for the full install was not set for Win 8.1 compatibility. This prevented the install from running on certain Windows machines.
  11. Fixed a bug introduced in the .14 update that would not Delete glass from the Glass Table.
  12. The Job Glass Order Sheet option was added to the Print Reports window. This option is already in the Final Glass Report Utility drop down in v15.2.14.
  13. Modified “Edit Elev Frame Sys” feature so it uses part information from the JobParts table and not the master Parts table. This prevents problems when a job is restored from a backup of a catalog that may have parts and part ID’s than the current one in use.
  14. Fixed a bug that occurs when clicking the X to close the Door Frames window that was opened by clicking the Change/Add button in the Door Frame section of the Entrances window.
  15. Fixed a bug in the Login – New User window that occurred after entering the user last name.
  16. Added validation to prevent too many Equal Horizontals from being entered. Also added a note to the regular Horizontal tab. The limit is 48 rows of horizontals.
  17. Fixed a bug where the head piece of a sub frame was not drawing correctly if the sub frame jamb profile was different than the head profile.
  18. Fixed a bug that would occur when the job and elevation count in a particular vendor reached a very high level. The error would prevent the elevation name from being edited, and he Optimizer from optimizing.
  19. Fixed the ability to add a colon and backslash to the Vendor path in the vendor list. Validation was preventing this.
  20. Fixed a bug when the cursor left the last name field when editing or adding a user to the Users window.
What's in the New Version 15.2.14 (updated 11-02-15)
  1. Added a “Favorites” column to the Glass Table in both the master list and the glass tab in the drawing window. We also changed the glass tab list so that you can edit most of the information in that list of glass.
  2. Added Packages to Order and Package Quantity columns to the No Price Final Parts Report.
  3. Fixed a bug with drawing the split and dimensions where a transom window spanning multiple panels was drawn along with split panels below that window.
  4. Fixed a bug that occurred when re-opening the Door Frame list. Not sure when or how this problem occurred. No other forms we know of had this same problem.
  5. Fixed one cause to the “Program already running” message that has haunted us for a while. Cancelling out of the Vendor Selection window was one cause for this error.
  6. Fixed a bug when split panels at the sill were used in combination with alternate vertical material. Interrupted sill pieces were not drawing properly in this case.
  7. Add a Glass to Order print option to the Final Glass Report.
  8. Fixed Copy command in the Glass Table when copying a glass part to a new one. If this copied glass was added to an elevation, the first letter of the Glass Type would not show up on the drawing.
  9. Updated Trulite export tool in Final Parts report to show all quantities in the Packages column.
  10. Added the GlassID to the View glass feature in the Glass tab of the drawing window. This will show the ID that corresponds to Glass Table for the type of glass you are viewing. Remember to View by Lite if a row of glass has multiple types.
  11. Updated Note on the Splice tab to be clearer. Also added validation it won’t allow the same splice height to be entered more than once.
  12. Changed how the Optimizer would only use the Part Type “Stock”. The Final Parts report will now show whatever Part Type is assigned in the Job Parts table for the stock parts. Extrusion and Stock are the two suggested values.
  13. Fixed a Backup Jobs bug where a field to be added to the backup file was trying to get added even if it was there already. The user never saw this error. Also fixed a record count caption error in the Restore Jobs window. User didn’t see this error either.
  14. Fixed bug when you opened and closed the Customers window and then go to the Optimizer.
  15. Added code to prevent a comma (,) from being used in various parts of the program. For example, a comma in the elevation name will break the export for cut list parts with a saw stop machine.
What's in the New Version 15.2.13 (updated 07-29-15)
  1. Added a user setting to show the dimension of the actual length of the left wall jamb of an elevation.
  2. Added the bottom horizontal profile to the grid in the Window tab of the drawing window. This profile can be edited if necessary. We also made the Change Framing System feature updated this profile when a new framing system is selected for a job or elevation. The profile used will be that of the standard horizontal.
  3. Updated the Final Parts Export to GTS tool to account for Package Quantities when that box is checked on the report window. The actual quantity of the parts (package qty x number of packages) is used for the number of units for all parts that have a package quantity great than 0. The total price will be based on this quantity as well. Otherwise the export file will show actual quantity needed.
  4. Fixed the ID column in the Users list when editing or adding a user. This ID is not editable.
  5. Fixed a recently introduced bug that was not selecting the proper User when the Edit/Add button was clicked in the Login window.
What's in the New Version 15.2.12 (updated 06-05-15)
  1. In the 06-05-15 update of this same version, a couple of things were fixed. One, the CAD link on the main menu tree was not working. Second, the labels for metal and glass were improved so that letters are no longer cut off on certain printers.
  2. Here are a few bugs fixed that were in the first v15.2.12 update post on 06-02-15. One: An error would occur when working on a punched entrance opening. Two: The Frame, Door, and Door Frame system parts windows wouldn't let you delete stock length part numbers. Three: The PDF elevation drawing files were not getting saved when the Shop Drawing tool was used.
  3. Updated system files to fix problem logging into CRL/US Aluminum online pricing for their catalog.
  4. Fixed a bug where a dimension was getting added to a drawing that had a door at the same height as the opening, and the system had a head can.
  5. A bug raked glass in the Final Glass Report was fixed. This error was occurring only with certain sized elevations, but there was a problem found on how the raked glass sizes were getting calculated.
  6. Code was added to save the combined elevation drawing files in the Shop Drawings feature. If Maximize Elevations Per Sheet is selected, the individual files will not be saved, only the file with combined elevations. Each Tab with the drawings must be viewed in order for the files to be saved.
  7. Added a message to fix the bug that occurred when adding a part that could not be found to the various system windows. The message instructs you to edit or remove the part that could not be found.
  8. Fixed a bug where the transom head was figured when a door and sidelite was drawn with a full transom above both panels. If a door frame With Transom was used in the entrance, the transom header will no longer be included when the door is not in the first panel of the window/transom.
  9. Added dimension to left side of drawings when a bulkhead is present. Dimension is from top of bulkhead to top of frame.
  10. Added a note to the Optimizer window if the “Add to Stock Length” value in the Vendor Info window is not equal to 0. The Stock Length column in the bottom half of the Optimizer window will also show the actual length of the stock if this value is not 0. The Used, Drop, and Yield columns were changed to round to one decimal place as well. This will be more accurate when usage is closer to 100%.
  11. The Center Line feature in the Layout tab had a bug when the “Round Last Panel” option was set in the Drawing Settings window. This problem was fixed and the Center Line feature was improved so that the vertical entered at a specific position will truly be centered on that dimension. Also, the last panel of a center line segment will be rounded with the panels before it equal sized.
  12. Fixed a bug in the Final Parts Report that was not refreshing and recalculating the parts list after a Manually Added part was Deleted.
  13. Added code to make sure no Null values are saved when a new Company record is added for the Markup Report.
  14. Added more Part Types to the each vendor catalog. This will automatically happen when a vendor is selected in WinBidPro.
  15. Fixed a bug when Head and Sill covers where used in conjunction with the frame settings, “Wall Jambs Interrupt Head Can”, and “Interrupt Sill Receptor”. The covers were cut correctly without these boxes checked, but now this works properly.
  16. Fix problem with “Sort by” selections in the Restore Jobs window. The sort drop down options were not working before.
  17. Fixed a bug introduced in a few updates ago that prevented the “Adjust” vertical and wall jamb check boxes for vertical trim from working. When a value was entered in the “Add/Deduct” for verticals and jambs was entered, all verticals were affected, no matter what the check boxes showed.
  18. Update Final Glass window so that the square foot total at the top, and the total price at the bottom will show filtered totals based on how the list is filtered.
  19. Fixed a bug where the Exclude feature was not working on an Alternate Vertical. Now it will let you exclude an Alternate Vertical. Remember that an Alternate Vertical does not need to have part numbers entered. You can just click OK with no part numbers in the window that appears.
  20. Improved the dimensioning of elevations with bulkheads and sill flashing/receptor/cans. The dimensions will show properly no matter where the bulkhead is in the elevation. The use of a sill-can will not affect the bulkhead dimensions as well.
  21. Improved the dimensions for daylight openings when a door is in the first panel of an opening.
  22. Fixed a problem with the way door jambs were being cut in Can Systems where the door jambs interrupted the sill can.
  23. Changed back code so that Head pieces with a 0” profile will show as a single line on the drawings.
  24. Changed the Restore Jobs tool to allow you to restore jobs that were backed up from a different vendor. This will not be a problem if the two catalogs are merely different versions, but they are completely different, the framing systems and entrances will need to be changed to pick up the right parts and prices. The “Copy to Vendor” button should be used when you want to copy jobs between completely different vendors.
  25. Fixed a bug in the CRL-U.S. Aluminum catalog pricing. CRL updated their system files for the Internet Pricing feature in their catalog. Without the v15.2.12 update, you may not get prices returned on certain jobs.
What's New with WinBidPro v15.2.11?
  1. March 10th, fixed a bug in the Elevation Parts Report where multiple elevation quantities were used. The quantity of all parts were getting squared.
  2. March 10th, fixed bug in sub-frame header material where it was showing offset to the right in the drawing if the head was a different profile than the jambs.
  3. Fixed bug introduced in v15.2.10 in the Elevation List form. Elevation Sort numbers were either un-editable or an error was generated when the sort was changed. The sorting of the list of elevations would also generate an error. Changing elevation sort numbers should now work better than it did before.
  4. Cutting of raked header material was not giving the correct sizes in the Optimizer even though the drawing was showing the right look. The cut sizes of both header receptor and filler material in rake top elevations is now being cut correctly.
  5. Fixed the bug again when there is no glass in a job.
  6. Some refactoring of code was done under the hood of the program, but there is no noticeable change to the look of the program for this.
What's New with WinBidPro v15.2.10?
  1. Fixed a bug when using the Optimizer with elevations that have no glass (Feb 9, 2015).
  2. Added dimensions to elevation drawings for split panels.
  3. Fixed bug in optimizer code when a part had a Null value for the stock length.
  4. Fixed bug in Elevation Parts Report where the quantity of stock length parts using the multiple (*) symbol after the part number was not counting the multiple value. The Final parts and cut list reports, however, did show the correct quantities for these parts.
  5. Fixed bug where the glass Show Label was not getting copied over when elevations in a job where copied.
  6. Fixed bugs when restoring a backed up job that had no door frames and doors.
  7. Added labor values to job backup and restore routines. Labor for a job was not getting backed up prior to this.
  8. Fixed problem with job backup routine that may have been causing an error with v15.2 release versions.
  9. Fixed a bug that would occur when a $0 price was found for the door or door frame price based on the finish for the job. The program was looking for the next price available for that part. This will now only occur for accessory and hardware parts only.
  10. Fixed bug introduced in the 15.2.9 update where typing in the Filter Bar of the Final Parts and Final Glass reports would make the cursor jump to the first column on every keystroke. The auto-recalculate caused this originally, but now it is working properly.
  11. Took care of a bug that occurred when trying to run the new Update Master Parts tool when in the Final Parts Report. When parts where added to the report from the Hardware List, the update process would get an error. This now works as it should now.
  12. The Delete command in the Final Parts Report was not removing manually added parts from the job. Calculated parts were never completely removed, as these will return when the report is closed and opened again. Now added parts can be deleted permanently.
  13. Corrected a problem where the Total for glass in the Final Glass report was not changing when the price, quantity, and/or area was changed in the grid.
  14. Fixed a bug where manually added hardware parts were not saving changes in the Final Parts report.
  15. Added code to prevent : and ; symbols from being used in elevation names. These characters can cause problems with generating CAD and export files.
  16. Changed curtain wall sub-frame cutting configuration so that jamb pieces interrupt the sub head piece.
  17. Fixed a problem where the “Copy Systems Between Catalogs” tool in the v15 Database Utility was not populating the vendor lists the second time you run the copy utility without closing the Database Utility window.
  18. Added a “Calculate Minimum if not met” to the Final Glass Report. This will let you choose to calculate the minimum square footage and therefor the price if a particular glass type does not meet the minimum size.
  19. Removed the dimension on the left side of an elevation when a sub sill was in use. This dimension showed the distance between the top of the sill flashing and the top of the opening. The sill flashing dimension that was added a few updates ago makes this left dimension unnecessary.
What's New with WinBidPro v15.2.9?
  1. Made a Tools drop down list in the Final Parts Report and added a tool to update parts in the Master Parts List with information from the parts in the current job. All information is updated except the pricing.
  2. Made the Total on the Final Parts Report automatically update when the list is filtered by entering values in the filter bar. Remember, the printed report also shows this filtered total.
  3. Made the Final Glass Report show totals for the filtered list. The printed report will still be the full list in a pre-sorted state.
  4. Fixed the subsill dimension when a bulkhead is used. Also removed the right dimension for the bulkhead since it shows on the left.
  5. Made a change to the Final Glass Report to save the Show Label changes to the Job Glass table. The one catch is that the same description and type of glass can only have one Show Label on the printed report.
  6. Changed Final Glass Reports to group glass parts by separating the same description and type of glass that have different TypeLabels which show on the elevation drawings.
  7. Changed the Cut List Export to DeMichele Quad Stop to be properly list elevation name and part number separately on each line. We also added the elevation Sort number in parenthesis after the name of the elevation.
What's in the New Version 15.2.8 Full Release (this includes .6 and .7 changes)
  1. Fixed Important Bug for .8 update! We found a bug in the process of deleting jobs where all miscellaneous, door, and manually added parts were getting deleted for all jobs in a catalog. The miscellaneous parts would get added back when you open the Final Parts Report, but door parts would only be added back if you open and close the door and door frame part windows for each elevation with doors. The manually added parts were gone for good, so these would have to be added again.
  2. Removed message about having to clear the user settings table on new installs and versions older than v15.1.31.
  3. Fixed a bug when printing the Labor Final Summary with the Export to GTS box checked. The new entrance Fab and Install breakdown for the printed report created this error.
  4. Fixed bug introduced in .2.6 update that was not accounting for > or < adjustments to vertical and wall jamb part numbers. This includes better functionality with spliced verts and jambs, where elevations taller than a stock length will only get the adjustment made to the highest cut piece.
  5. Fixed a bug where the System Default Exclusions and Notes for the Markup Report were not getting added to a new job’s report.
  6. Fixed code when adding a part to the Final Parts Report to find the first available price for any non-stock or door part. Misc parts typically have one price, so the price column for the finish of the job may not have a price for hardware. NOTE: This feature will not work with Door and Stock Length parts. The wrong finish price might be used in this case, so a $0 price will alert you that the current finish color does not have a price.
  7. Fixed Copy Job to New Phase tool so that it shows the correct elevation count and is pointing to the right row in the grid after copying.
  8. Fixed a bug in the Jobs window where trying to filter on numeric columns like, JobID, didn’t work.
  9. More work was done on the Rake Top feature to show more accurate cut lengths. Long slopes with continuous head receptors that are spliced will now show the spliced pieces correctly.
  10. Fixed problem when editing part numbers in the system parts tabs where cursor would jump to the end of the part number when trying to edit or change the number.
  11. Fixed problem when Add to Verticals and Jambs was drawing door jambs below the sill. Jambs and Verts are drawn with this value into account, but always above the sill. Longer verts will stick up above the top of the elevation.
  12. Increased limit of Shopdrawing elevation tabs to 125 and added message to edit Drawing Settings if elevation count exceeds this number.
  13. Added an option to change the way the Summary of Labor Charges in the Elevation Totals tab of the Frame Labor Hours and Rates window shows data. You can now switch the grouping of the labor charges.
  14. Changed glazing labor rack schedule lookup logic to check for a lite of glass that is great than the minimum size and less than or equal to the maximum size. This allows the max value for one row to equal the min value the next. (the way the rack schedule is set by default).
  15. Changed Joint count to more accurately account for different head, sill, and entrance conditions. Now Can or Tube systems with no head and sill filler parts will calculate joints at vertical material properly.
  16. Fix a problem where Outside Costs on the Markup report were not showing the marked up amount when the hidden costs version of the report was printed.
  17. Fixed a bug where entering a part that didn’t exist in the Frame Parts, Door Frame Parts, and Door Parts windows would prevent any following parts from saving.
  18. Fixed a bug where the door stile stock lengths were not getting adjusted when using the < and > symbols after the part number.
  19. Fixed a bug with Door Labor where transom and non-transom frames were not getting identified correctly because of the Door Frame Type setting for the system. The program will now detect what type of frame it is based on the elevation itself.
  20. Fixed bugs in Cut count for elevations. SubFrame entrances were throwing this off, as well as punched openings. This count shows in both the Statistic window and the labor window.
  21. Updated the newer dimension on the left side of the elevation drawing to account for both sill receptors and head receptors. This dimension will show the overall distance between these two members, or from one to the opposite end of the elevation.
  22. Fixed bug where the Default Door Frame ID was not getting copied over when an Entrance (frame and door) was added to an elevation.
  23. Added functionality to Entrance Selection window when adding a new entrance, the door list will be filtered to match the selected door frame if a match is found.

What's New with WinBidPro v15.2.5?
  1. Fixed a bug when the color was changed for a job, the Final Parts Report showed the correct pricing, but not the correct color name.

  2. Fixed an error that would occur after deleting a job and trying to enter a new job immediately after.

  3. Fixed a bug where Door Stop cut sizes were not getting adjusted with the < or > symbols after the part numbers.

  4. Fixed a problem with labor Cut counts where the new method was including the multiple elevation quantities in the cut count. A check box was added to the Labor Defaults window that will allow you to choose this method of calculation. When the box is unchecked, the program will use the older method of counting cuts by component instead of each part.

  5. Fixed bug in Backup Jobs feature that was not updating backup database to include new fields. Also updated the BackupTemplate.mdb file.

  6. Fixed Optimizer so that it will allow 0” cut pieces to be optimized. This can occur if you have a 0” Unequal Panel in order to have 2 verticals butted together. We also prevent 0” cut pieces from showing up in the Optimizer.

  7. Fixed a bug in the Hardware window when trying to Copy a hardware part. Part will now copy and the word “Copy” is added to the front of the part number copied.

  8. Rearranged columns in Final Labor Summary Report so that fabrication and installation information is grouped respectively.

  9. Fixed a bug with the tax for labor in the Markup Report. Tax was not calculated when the “Do Not Tax Markup Amount” box was checked.

  10. Fixed older bug that created a “Too Big” problem in the Optimizer when Sill Flashing material was spliced and had a “>” value added to the part number. The program was adding the extra length to a full stock piece and causing the “Too Big” message.

  11. Fixed problem with “Add to Vertical” setting in the framing system settings window.

  12. Made glass table in the Glass Tab resize when the width of the main window grows. More columns can be seen this way when you have a larger monitor.

What's New with WinBidPro v15.2.3-4?
  1. (.2.4 update) Fixed a problem with the “Print Lineal Report” in the Optimizer window. The new Quantity values in the Optimizer were not getting calculated in the Lineal Report.

  2. (.2.4 update) Fixed a problem that would result in a “Too Big” message in the Optimizer. Cut sizes that were within a saw blade thickness of a full stock length were getting this error when they should not.

  3. (.2.4 update) Spliced vertical material that had a add/deduct to the part cut length (via the < or > symbols in the frame parts window) were getting adjusted on the longer piece when there were multiple lengths required. The deduction will now be made only to the last piece at the top of the elevation.

  4. (.2.4 update) Fixed error when there are no stock lengths for a job when you try to print the Metal Recap report.

  5. Added a Check box to Delete Jobs after they are backed up (in the Jobs Window). This is essentially an Archive feature that lets you backup and shrink your Jobs list.

  6. Added an export option to the Final Glass Report that will export all glass records to a CSV file by elevation. This export includes the #g* labels that are assigned to all glass by the program. This is the same label that can be shown on the drawings, and the printed labels.

  7. Added Elevation Width, Height, and Number of Panels to the GTS Export feature in the Elevation and Job Labor window when the Final Labor Summary Report is run.

  8. Fixed problem with the program not closing completely and causing a “Program already running” message.

  9. Changed labor Cut calculation to use the actual cut part quantity listed in the optimizer. The job must be optimized before this count can be used. If there are no stock length part numbers listed for the elevation, or if the Optimizer was not used, the program will use the basic stock component count for the elevation.

  10. Fixed Job Glass window so that the list can be filtered with any column in the grid. Previously, numeric columns weren’t working with the filter.

  11. Added Frame Width, Height, and Panels to the GTS labor export feature in the Elevation and Job Labor window. Also added a Help button to show what data is being exported.

  12. Added feature where a frame system modified for a job can be saved to the master list for use later. An “Add to Master” button was added to the Framing System Parts window.

  13. Finally fixed an elusive bug where two framing systems could get applied to a single elevation. This was causing problems with parts in the optimizer. This seemed to only occur with new elevations when a different frame was picked before exiting the Elevation Info window.

  14. Fixed a bug introduced in the Beta version where parts with the multiple symbol (*) and those duplicated for a given component were not getting picked up properly in the Optimizer.

  15. Fixed a problem with Sub-Frame door frames when used in an opening with no transom. Horizontal material was getting included when it shouldn’t. Also fixed a related problem where transom glass was showing up in this same condition.

  16. Fixed error when adding parts for Alternate Vertical material.

  17. Fixed error when editing a row (by double clicking, or the Edit button) in the Final Glass Report.

  18. Fixed bug where the wrong finish price was getting used when a part was manually added to the Final Parts Report.

  19. Added “Copy of” to Door Frame Parts, Copy Frame feature so that you could tell more easily which frame was copied.

  20. Modified Labor Frame Types window so that the “Door” type cannot be changed or deleted. This is used for all door glazing and will prevent door glazing labor from getting calculated if it is removed.

  21. Made Frame Labor frame/elevation navigation tool visible in all three tabs, not just the first tab.

  22. Changed caption in Stock List of Optimizer window to Net Cost instead of Total Cost. Also changed Cut Parts Finish column so that it can’t be altered in the grid.

  23. Added a “Border” feature to the elevation drawing window. A border can be added by checking the “Show Border” box in the Layout tab in the drawing window.

  24. Fixed error when adding parts for Alternate Vertical material.

  25. Fixed error when editing a row (by double clicking, or the Edit button) in the Final Glass Report.

  26. The Optimizer was improved so that jobs containing elevations with multiple quantities will reduce the bloating of the database. The Optimizing process is now much faster with these tyeps of jobs. A Quantity column was added to the cut pieces list in the Optimizer window to show the quantities of a given part number/cut size/piece label so that these parts are not listed hundreds of times in the top half of the window. It will still be necessary to "Compact" your vendor catalogs on a regular basis. The frequency of this maintenance depends on how much you use the software.

  27. Fixed a bug in the Final Parts Report where editing information in a manually added part was not getting saved.

  28. A new dimension was added to the left side of the elevation drawing that shows the height of the elevation from the top of the sub sill/flashing.

  29. Made change to have the first Part Type in the list show up when manually adding a part to the Final Parts Report. The value cboPartType was not a valid choice as a default type.

  30. Fixed a bug where glass width sizes where calculating wrong when a split was used along with left and/or right glass stops.

  31. Fixed a bug where perimeter caulking was not getting calculated in punched opening elevations with only an entrance.

  32. The feature of adding partial stock lengths to the bottom half of the Optimizer window was improved to show the optimization of these pieces in the Cut List, Metal Recap, and Metal Label reports. These manually added stock lengths will be optimized and saved even when the job is re-optimized.

  33. Added a tool to the v15 Database Utility that allows you to update pricing from a newer catalog to an older catalog. You must have both catalogs listed in your v15 Vendor List, and you must select the correct vendors.

  34. Fixed a bug in the Restore Jobs feature when trying to Restore a job from a different vendor folder into a vendor that did not have a backup file. If the vendor being restored To had a backup file already, the error would not occur.

  35. With CRL/US Aluminum catalog, manually added parts are no zeroed out if they are not found by the USA server. Pricing must be manually entered for added parts. Otherwise, the parts should be added to the framing system.

  36. Changed stock lengths listed in the Cut List report to show inches instead of feet. Did the same in the Final Metal Recap report and the metal cut labels.

  37. Added code to update the job parts when the “Change Job Frames” tool is used in the Jobs window. Changes made to the master Parts List were not getting picked up when the same framing system was applied to a job already using it.

  38. Added a prompt to the “Update Parts for Current Job” and “Edit Job Parts” tools in the Jobs window that will ask to redraw all elevations if miscellaneous part information has been changed for the current job. This redraw is required for entrance and miscellaneous parts to update in the Final Parts report.

  39. Fixed a bug when a Split going to the head was added to a panel that had a lower height panel after it. The head piece was getting drawn at the lower level. Now it is correct.

  40. Added more filtering to the door frame and door leaf selection windows when adding these to elevations. Also added a note to the top of those windows when a filter has been activated.

  41. Fixed a problem with backing up jobs in the CRL – US Aluminum catalog.

  42. Added the ability to add the word “Impact” (not case sensitive) to a door frame description so that the program will include door jamb filler material whenever the jamb is against the structure. Without this secret word, the program will not include door jamb filler material at a wall condition.

  43. Added ability to change background color of drawing window to Grey and Blue as well as White and Black.

  44. Removed Compact option from Vendor List utility drop down. Using the Repair Utility is the best way to compact vendors.

  45. Fixed problem with the part number getting blanked out when you right click to go to the parts list while inside a system part form. If you choose to insert a part, it will now be added to a blank row in the list.

  46. Changed wording of the “Phase Tip” button in the Optimizer window to match the wording in the Jobs window's drop down menu.

  47. Fixed a bug where having a value in the “Add/Deduct for Vertical Mullion and Jambs” field of the Framing System Parts window would cause that amount to be applied to each vertical piece in elevations taller than one stock length. The fix for this only applies the value to the last cut piece in elevations this tall.

  48. The Part Type value can now be changed in the Final Parts Report for non-stock length parts. This change will trickle through the Job Parts List, as well as the master Parts List. Any Stock length parts will need to be changed in the Parts List, and then updated for the current job using the Current Job Update Utilities menu in the Jobs window.

  49. Added a dimension on the left side of the drawings showing the height of the opening from the top of the sub sill. This shows just left of the dimension from the ground to the top.

  50. Fixed a bug concerning the "Add/Deduct for Vertical Mullions and Jambs" in the Framing System Parts window. The adjustment was only being made to the first vertical in a frame. In order to fix this, we now have the drawing show the adjusted size of these vertical members. Longer verticals will extend into the head or sill can to show the extra length. This setting is common in Can/Stick systems.

  51. Added “WeatherSeal” as a part type. This will be added to all databases used by the 15.2 version.

Download Key License v15.1.33 Patch
Download SP License v15.1.33 Patch

What's New with WinBidPro v15.1.33?
  1. The latest .33 file fixes a bug that must have existed before the .33 update. The problem occurred when glass with different types (ex. Tempered and Annealed) were the same size in an elevation, and had the same description. The glass was not separated by type in the Final Glass report, it was combined all as one type.

  2. Fixed bug in initial release that was causing door package parts to be multiplied in punched openings. The latest .33 patch file solved this problem.

  3. Cover Page files were added to complete the correct look and size of the cover page for shop drawings. Some changes were also made to the layout of the cover page to improve the way text wraps and is displayed.

  4. Fixed a bug where making vertical #1 an Alternate Vertical would also make verticals 10-19 alternate in larger elevations.

  5. Fixed a bug with door jamb filler material that was not getting added to the left jamb when a door was one lite away from another door.

  6. The Hardware List button inside the Parts List will only be visible when Parts List is opened from the menu tree. Hardware List parts can only be added to the Final Parts report and not a framing system.

  7. Fixed manually added glass problem where it was not getting copied when job is copied.

  8. Added new fields (depth, favorites & allstops) to code that copies framing system data for new elevations, backing up, and copying elevations and jobs.

  9. Fixed a problem with Misc parts showing up in the Final Parts Report for “punched” opening entrances. This was causing a problem with the CRL – USA web pricing feature because the vinyl parts would not have a package quantity.

  10. The System Defaults notes that show up on the Markup report were not wrapping to multiple lines on the report. These notes were getting cut off on the report. This now works properly.

  11. Fixed a rare bug when editing Fabrication labor for an elevation that would occur when exiting the form.

  12. Fixed a null error that occurred when editing a part that was getting added to a system with the right click feature. This would only occur on a part that has a null value for a stock length

  13. Fixed a bug in the Final Glass report when manually adding glass was the same size as another type of glass. This would result in the same sizes being combined as one type the next time you opened the glass report. This was happening even though they were two different types of glass.

  14. Fixed PartType drop down list when adding a part to the Final Parts Report. The list was not sorted alphabetically.

  15. Update Tips note in the Framing System Parts window. Since the Countinuous Head and Sill check boxes were removed at the bottom of the Frame Profile tab, the tips explain how to configure a Can/Stick type system.

  16. Fixed a bug in Door Frame Parts calculations where the * (multiple) after a non stock length part would be applied to all parts in that column.

  17. Fixed a bug where using a Continuous Sill Face Cover was changing the way a Continuous Sub Sill was cutting. The Sill Cover is now cut inside the wall jambs, and the Sub Sill can still extend under the jambs or be interrupted by jambs.

  18. Fixed Sort Order drop down in Job Door Frame window that appears when adding an existing entrance to a new elevation in a job.

What's New with WinBidPro v15.1.32?
  1. 03-05-13: Fixed problem introduced in first release of v15.1.32. Door and Door Frame Parts data entry was putting cursor at beginning of line when entering each character for parts numbers.

  2. Fixed problem with rake with the use of a head can. NOTE: The cut length of rake pieces is not exact. The measurements generated by the drawing are sufficient for estimating purposes, but should be checked against field measurements and adjusted in the Optimizer by editing the length of the rake cut pieces.

  3. Fixed bugs in the Entrances window when adding new entrances, and when trying to edit or change a door or door frame for an existing entrance.

  4. Made changes to prevent errors on certain computers when copying elevations. Not sure why problem would only occur on certain computers.

What's New with WinBidPro v15.1.31?
  1. Fixed bug in the Entrances window that was preventing the Add New feature from working (02-14-13). The Entrances windows now shows door sizes and the hinge to help filter the list to find the entrance you want.

  2. Fixed bug when trying to edit a door frame in the Entrances window on 02-14-13. Posted new update to all .31 files.

  3. Fixed bug that prevented a New Entrance from being added to the Entrances window.

  4. Added feature to Backup vendor files each weekday so that multiple backup files are available in case of a problem.

  5. Fixed bug when a Head Can system was used in an elevation with multiple rakes. The rake was not drawn correctly and the cut size was off. Now the rakes are drawn correctly, but (WARNING) the cut size might not be exact. The cut sizes are good for estimation, but we recommend field measuring for actual cut sizes of these Head Cans in a raked elevation.

  6. Fixed bugs in Final Parts Report that were preventing editing of manually added parts. All aspects of manually added parts can be edited at any time. Quantities of calculated parts can be changed in the form grid, however, these changes will be overwritten the next time you open the report. The only exception is with the new CRL - US Aluminum catalog.

  7. Fixed bug when selecting a different Job backup file to restore from.

  8. Changed Head Can and Head Cover splicing to occur at the actual stock length of the component being used. This was previously done at the middle of the nearest vertical.

  9. Fixed problem with Jobs Backup feature crashing. A new BackupTemplate.mdb file is installed with the .31 update.

  10. The new CRL - US Aluminum catalog web server pricing feature is available for all US Aluminum customers. A login account is required and the feature will give you instant pricing by clicking a "Submit to US Aluminum" button in the Final Parts report.

  11. Fixed problem with Head and Sill Covers going full width of opening. These are now cut to butt up against the wall jambs.

  12. Added the ability to edit calculated glass parts in the Final Glass report. A warning message will appear when you try to edit one of these parts.

  13. Fixed bug when a door is added to the first and last panel of an elevation. The elevation width was changing by the width of the outside door jamb.

  14. Fixed problem with horizontal covers coming out differently than head and sill covers. Now they all butt up against the wall and door jambs.

  15. Added new reports to the Print Reports window. Now parts and glass reports can be printed to show Elevation specific parts and glass in a continuous report for the entire job. The Lineal Foot Report can also be printed from that window now.

  16. Job Glass report is now sorted by Elevation Sort order rather than Elevation Name.

What's New with WinBidPro v15.1.30?
  1. Added check boxes to the Optimizer window to automatically open the Final Parts and/or Final Glass Reports when exiting the Optimizer window.

  2. Added a "Door Hand" column in the Final Parts Report to show which hand, single door parts are in the list.

  3. There is a new feature for the newest CR Laurence/US Aluminum Catalog that allows you to electronically send your Final Parts Report to US Aluminum for pricing. This feature will return current calculated pricing and update your report on the fly! This feature will require you to have an account with CRL/US Aluminum so that you can log into their server when this feature is activated.

  4. Fixed a problem with the Unequal Panel tab not updating the drawing correctly when the width of an unequal panel was edited in the list. NOTE: When editing this width and there is only one row in the list, you should click on another tab in the drawing window instead of clicking the Redraw button. Clicking Redraw without going to another tab will not save the change that you made to the width of the panel.

  5. Added a new report for elevation parts for an entire job called "Glass by Job". This report groups the glass by elevation and continues through each elevation in the job.

  6. Added a "Draw All Stops" option to the Framing System Parts window. This will automatically draw glass stops in every lite of an elevation. This feature can be checked both at the elevation and the global level for a certain framing system.

  7. Added a column to the Final Parts Report to show the "Handing" of single door and frame parts. These parts were previously combined at the job level so that you couldn't tell which parts were for left or right handed entrances.

  8. Fixed a bug in the Glass Stops tab that would not properly draw glass stops in entire panels when 0 to full height dimensions were entered.

  9. Fixed bug in Final Summary Report when there is no glass in a Job. A "Null" value for the glass area would generate an error.

  10. Fixed bug with the "Hide Export Messages" setting in the System Defaults window. When the program loaded, it was not finding the correct setting.

  11. Made changes to the Final Parts Report so the printed version will mimic the displayed version. This includes any filters used and different sorts. The "Total" button can now be clicked to show the total value of a filtered list that is showing.

  12. Changed Final Parts report to show the actual Part Types that are set in the master Parts List.

  13. Changed Final Parts to show the total value of the "Filtered" list of parts when using the Filter Bar.

  14. Added a Utility drop down menu to the Parts List and Jobs windows.

  15. Added an option to Edit and Add items to the Part Type list that is assignable to each part in the Parts List. This can be found in the new Utility drop down in the Parts List window.

  16. Added a "Favorites" column to the Framing Systems, Entrances, Door Frames, and Doors windows so that you can check your favorite items and sort the list by Favorites, so they always appear on top. Also added "Make this a Favorite" box to the various parts edit windows.

  17. Add a "Clear Form Positions" button to the Repair Utility for those who have trouble opening forms after moving from having two monitors to one.

  18. Corrected problem in Glazing Labor after new frame labor types are created. The new frames were not showing up in the "Time Per Man Settings" section.

  19. Changed Rake? & MinOK? Columns in Final Glass window to show check boxes instead of Yes or No.

  20. Added Door Width, Door Height, and Hinged columns to Entrances window to make it easier to select an entrance from the list.

  21. Added "Copy of" to the Frame Type name when copying a labor frame in defaults window. List is sorted alphabetically, so look for the new frame beginning with "Copy".

  22. Figure out why glass is removed from half the elevation when a split it added to a transom.

  23. Ron - Make drawing update automatically when glass size feature is turned on.

  24. Changed Quad Stop name to Smart Stop in the Export Options window of Print Reports form.

  25. Add a dimension to drawings that shows actual length of verticals between receptors.

  26. Made Vendor Name in Vendors window only editable by clicking Edit button. Vendor Name could easily get accidentally blanked out.

  27. Added Single Door, Pair Door, Joints, Cuts, and Lineal Total columns to Elevations window.

  28. Fixed bug in Markup report under the Job Info tab. The Estimator name information was not getting updated when a name was selected from the drop down list.

  29. Added the ability to filter a list by looking at text in any part of a column's number or text, instead of just the beginning. This "Filter Bar" feature will let you filter your grid information more easily by searching for characters in the middle of a field.

  30. Fixed bug in Markup Report where Marked up amount for Outside Costs was not getting added to the Grand Total of the report.

  31. Added a DefaultID field to both the Doors and DoorFrames tables. This will help show the default ID from the Master lists when you are editing door/door frame information in an elevation.

  32. Changed message after editing elevation framing system parts to a window that lets you check a box to not show the message any more. Previously this was a message that always appeared having to click OK to close it.

  33. Added conditions to loading of program to reduce time of loading. (Checks for version of vendor database and master to bypass field check routines.)

  34. Added automatic Redraw after editing Alternate Vertical parts. This was not happening automatically so unless you clicked the Redraw button, the correct parts would not show up.

What's New with WinBidPro v15.1.29?
  1. Added a Centerline feature to the Layout tab that allows you to select specific vertical mullions and set a centerline dimension so that the verticals to the left will be equalized based on that centerline dimension.

  2. The "Phases" button in the Jobs window was renamed to "Job From Elevations". Clicking this new button will use the selected Job and allow you to pick the elevations from that job to copy to a new job. The new job has the word "Phases" added to the front of the original name.

  3. Corrected problem in Markup report where Outside Costs were not getting marked up. Also corrected check box for taxing markup amounts. This was not working correctly in .28 update. Also added notes to Markup window to better explain process.

  4. Added Labor Defaults Frame Type List so users can copy frame types and rename these labor frames.

  5. Corrected a few typos in the new SofPro license window. This license update can be used if there are problems with your current license, and will slowly be introduced to renewing customers.

  6. Added a troubleshooting tool to the Elevations List window where if you Right Click on the blue background, a window will open showing elevations and frames that go with them. If there are two frames for an elevation, a Delete button will let you delete one. This is an advanced tool for Power Users.

  7. The Arch Top feature has been improved so that former flat head material is removed and verticals run through to the arched head.

  8. A new Labor List was added and the Labor Defaults window was changed to open this list when editing Frame Labor. The list will let you pick a labor frame type and edit it, and it will also let you copy a labor frame type to create a new type. The labor settings will be copied over and the new type will have to be renamed.

  9. Fixed minor bug where Phases Tips button was not hiding when cut pieces grid was maximized.

  10. Added a new Center Line feature for adding elevations with center line dimensions to allow for equal width panels between certain verticals.

  11. Fixed Optimizer Export feature to work with RazorGage export option. Also corrected spelling in the Print Reports Export Options window.

  12. Fixed error when trying to manually add glass to the Final Glass report.

  13. Fixed problem where the data in the current drawing tab was not updating when the elevation was changed with the Previous and Next toolbar buttons.

  14. Added feature to automatically recalc the Final Glass totals when the Print button is clicked. Also made sure the program will save the last value changed when the Print or Close button are clicked.

  15. Fixed problem in Final Glass report where block sizes were not figuring correctly. Even sizes were also coming out two inches larger.

  16. Fixed bug introduced in .28 update where Has SubSill box was always checked in the Framing System Parts window.

  17. Fixed bug that was not allowing a rake to be added to more than 17 panels. Now the limit is 100.

  18. Reformatted the Markup Report to add more detail to the sub total section. A bug was also fixed in this report that was introduced in the .28 update. The Grand Total was including a doubled amount of material from the marked up section. This new report makes it much easier to see all relevant calculations.

  19. Fixed Add Parts window so that it defaults to Stock as the part type again. Also have it default to 1.75 for profile and 289 for length.

What's New with WinBidPro v15.1.28?

  1. Added the Access Hardware Supply catalog to the Hardware List feature accessible through the Parts List and Final Parts windows.

  2. Fixed problems with Detail Bubbles in the Shop Drawing feature. You will need to run the Repair Utility from your desktop or the WinBidPro program group, then click then "Fix Problem Opening Program" button. This will reset the User Settings, so will will have to check your System Defaults and Drawing Settings after this.

  3. Fixed problem with Glass Area in Final Summary report not reflecting the correct glass size. Now total job glass matches that of the Final Glass Report.

  4. A 3D feature was added to the drawing window by checking a box called "Make 3D file."

  5. Fixed bug in Door Frame Parts and Door Parts windows where a part number with a multiple quantity (for example: *2) was getting applied to all parts for the same component.

  6. Fixed an error in Glazing Settings window in the Labor Defaults menu when you try to open the Glazing Settings a second time.

  7. Fixed a bug with raked tops in the Elevation Glass report where the block size was not showing one dimension correctly.

  8. Fixed problem where door jamb filler material was not getting cut shorter when a bulkhead was next to the door.

  9. Also fixed problem with sub sill/flashing material not cutting right when a bulkhead is used next to a door.

  10. Fixed the way the Job Color displays so there are no blank spaces after the color name.

  11. Added messages in the Final Parts Report to alert you when there are no stock parts showing, and when the elevations have been edited after the optimization has been done.

  12. Changed the Other Material Tax rate to Outside Costs tax rate. The Other Material amount will be charged the same tax rate as the Stock Material, and the Total Outside Costs will be charged this rate.

  13. Added a Don't Tax Markup check box to the Markup Report. This will allow you to only tax costs pricing and not the marked up amounts.

  14. A big was fixed with the drawing bubble labels.

  15. Added Page "1 of 3, 2 0f 3," etc. to the report forms.

  16. Fixed an issue where changing framing systems for individual elevations was not updating the drawing. This would occur when multiple elevation frames were changed without leaving the Elevations window. The Optimizer still needs to be run before stock lengths can be calculated when a system is changed for an elevation.

  17. Added a "Allow Edit" check box the the Glazing Labor settings to temporarily be able to change the Man count for glazing labor. This is a sensitive setting since an incorrect value will result in the wrong labor calculations.

  18. Added code to update the Job's finish color when the color is changed in the Optimizer. This was a potential problem when the color was only changed in the Optimizer.

  19. Added the Job Finish Color to the top of the Final Parts Window.

What's New with WinBidPro v15.1.27?

  1. A Cover Page feature has been added to the menu tree under the Shop Drawing section of the tree. You can click the Cover Page link to generate/edit a cover page for the current job. You can then Print or Create a DWG of this page to combine with your shop drawings.

  2. Made PartType list in the Add Part form sort alphabetically. This window is used when adding a part to the Parts List for a vendor.

  3. Fixed problem with glass list in Glass tab not showing same order as that of the Glass Table. The sort order for these two lists should be identical.

  4. Fixed bug where changing glass in Edit Job Glass window was not staying saved.

  5. Added list of "Customers" to Add New/Edit window for Customer List.

  6. Added a check box to hide the warning that appears when changing a group of parts in the Parts List window.

  7. A bug was fixed in the Markup report where Tax on Labor was not getting calculated.

  8. Added a Glass Area total to the Final Summary Screen and Report.

  9. Added an export to GTS feature in the Final Labor Report window.

  10. Fixed how the Block Square Footage was shown in the Detailed Elevation Glass Report. It will now only show 2 decimal places.

  11. Fix a possible error if a Null value is found in a part price in the Final Parts Report.

  12. Fixed problem with "*" multiple quantity feature when used with Alternate Vertical parts. The multiples were not getting calculated.

  13. Fixed bug in calculating horizontal vinyl. Program was calculating too much gasket material when it was applied to horizontals.

  14. Added validation to the Elevation Quantity field in the Layout tab of the drawing window. Valid quantities are 1-100. Errors can occur if higher quantities are accidentally entered.

  15. Added condition to prevent "Error 53" when closing WinBidPro on Windows XP machines. If TaskKill.exe is not found, it won't try to run it.

  16. Fixed Vendor Tools drop down in Vendors window. It was showing up blank instead of "Vendor Tools".

  17. Fixed problem with Final Parts Report where checking "Package Price" box was not automatically recalculating totals on the report. This is now automatic instead of having to click the total button or reload the form.

  18. Fixed problem where Final Parts Report with "Package Price" printed in "Portrait" mode was not showing the correct totals.

  19. Fixed a bug when 9 Vertical Splice points were used. The 9th point would generate an error. This should work fine now.

  20. Fixed bug when changing the "Type" of Horizontal in list inside the "Horz" tab of the drawing window. If an alternate horizontal Type has a profile of 0, the program will resort to using the main horizontal profile. Horizontal profiles can changed with the "Edit Elev Frame Sys" button.

  21. Fixed bug with Horizontal Face Cover not showing up unless there was a Sill Cover part entered.

What's New with WinBidPro v15.1.26?

  1. Added code to let you filter with the Insulated column in the Glass table and Glass tab.

  2. Added Hardware List form and button to Parts List window. Added "Add Hardware" button to Final Parts report.

  3. Added PackageQty field to Add New feature in Final Parts report. When a new part is added to the final parts report, the package quantity will be added as well.

  4. Added code to update the grid when the Price by Package Qty box is checked. Before it would only update when the form was opened.

  5. Added feature in Final Parts Report to show $0 prices in Red.

  6. Combined the two glazing labor windows into one. Now the Glass Size to Men and the Minutes for Men windows are combined into the Glazing Settings window.

  7. Some bugs were fixed in the Backup and Restore Jobs feature of the program. There should be no errors when backing up and restoring.

  8. Added feature to use the Enter key as well as the Tab key to move between fields when entering drawings in the drawing tabs.

What's New with WinBidPro v15.1.25?
  1. August 2nd build fixed a problem with the "Renew Now" button not working in the Subscription Status window.

  2. Fixed bug when Backup up jobs to a vendor which already had a backup file.

  3. Fixed bug that prevented the Elevation Glass Report from opening.

  4. Fixed bug in Final Parts Report that prevented the Package Pricing feature from working correctly. This was a new feature added in the v15.1.24 update.

  5. Added a simple wrapping feature for the framing system name on the drawing. Based on number of panels and number of characters in the description.

  6. Added check for multiple framing systems for a given elevation. This can cause extra parts to show up in the optimizer. User will be prompted in the Edit Elev Frame Sys window, and the extra system will be removed.

  7. Added "Portrait Format" check boxes to both Final Parts and Final Glass Reports. This allows printing the older Portrait sized reports. However, this smaller format will not provide the new information that is on the Landscape reports.

What's New with WinBidPro v15.1.24?

  1. Fixed problem with high to low rake and the right jamb being too high.

  2. Fixed bug with Panel Height feature. Verticals and jamb would be too long when different height panels were set in an elevation.

  3. Added a glass thickness column and MinSqrFt to glass reports.

  4. Fixed bug in Rounding of panel widths in conjunction with overall frame size.

  5. Optimizer was not using the stock length from the Job Parts table, it was using the master parts table stock length. This was corrected so that when the user changes the stock length in the Job Parts window, the new stock length is used.

  6. Added a feature to the DrawingSettings window to toggle the output of a System Detail file when the Shop Drawings link is clicked. This is helpful when you only want to show the System details, and not the system AND the individual part details. Poor scaling sized would result when all types are displayed.

  7. Added code to change the horizontal profiles when a framing system is changed in an elevation. This is important when you change framing systems for elevation, or an entire job.

  8. Added a check box to select Package Pricing for the Final Parts report.

  9. Fixed bug where Finish Color ID was getting changed to the wrong color when a job's elevation frame was changed via the "Edit Settings" button in the Elevations window.

  10. Added a Total Square Foot value to the top of the Final Glass Report. This will help shops decide what pricing can be used in a job's glass order.

  11. Added feature to Show Doors automatically after adding a door to your drawing. We also hid the Show Doors button since it no longer needs to be clicked.

  12. Fixed an error in the Optimizer caused by a blank part Description. The program will add the word "Part" to the description field if there is no Description.

  13. Added confirmation before changing a group parts is committed in Parts List window.

  14. Fixed error when exiting Optimizer window with a job that has no glass in any of the elevations.

  15. Fixed potential EOF/BOF error when switching vendors.

  16. Added code to clear the UserSettings table for the current user. This will allow for the changes in the way the settings are saved to work properly.

  17. Fixed bug where verticals above a window were not cutting right when the horizontal material was a different profile than the vertical material.

  18. Added color to framing system text in drawing window.

  19. Added message to prompt user every 10 days to compact their vendor catalogs.

  20. Fixed "Data Type Mismatch error when creating new elevation. This was not a consistent error, but the fix should prevent it from reoccurring.

  21. Added a simple line wrap feature for the framing system name on the drawing. Based on number of panels and number of characters in the description.

What's New with WinBidPro v15.1.23?

  1. Fixed Drawing Settings print settings. Black and White and Preview are now working.

  2. Fixed JobName column in Jobs window grid to accept only 100 characters.

  3. Fixed ID column in Frames, Doors, and Dr Frames windows to not allow user to edit the ID number.

  4. Added notes to the Frame Labor settings window that help explain the purpose of the Miscellaneous Install section.

  5. Previous and Next icons were added to the Toolbar below the drawing window. The Alt and Ctrl key combinations still work, but the buttons are easy to see and use.

  6. The Vendor selection window now highlights the current while in the program, and the last used vendor when first opening the program.

What's New with WinBidPro v15.1.22?
  1. Add an updated Free CAD program called NewCAD.exe. Running either the patch, or the full install will add this program to your system. New installs will automatically use this file, while patch installs will have to open the "Drawing Settings" window and click the "Change CAD Program" button. The NewCAD file is in the WinBidPro\vCAD folder.

  2. Fixed bug in Copy To Vendor form where if the button was used more than once without closing the window, it would show the first vendor's framing systems and doors in.

  3. Fixed bug where a CAD program with an upper case EXE at the end of it's filename would not let you select it with the "Change CAD Program" feature. We made it so it can be either upper or lower case.

  4. A Color column was added to the Glass table in the Master database. Fields were also added to related glass grids and edit screen.

  5. Fixed problem with Type label on Arch Glass coming out in the wrong place when glass was added to an arch.

  6. Fixed problem with Mulitple quantities of door parts using the * symbol. It would only work with the * on the last part of a group of parts. Now it doesn't matter where the part is in the column.

  7. Fixed same problem as #6, in Door Frame Parts window.

  8. Made "Add New" Vendor Browse window default to the same folder that the Master.mdb file is in. This is typically where the vendors will be located.

  9. Added a "Show Label" field to the Glass Table. You can enter a glass label for the each type of glass that is 10 characters or less. The program will show this label on the drawing if the field is not blank. Otherwise, show the 1 letter from the regular glasstype field.

  10. Added two new sort options to the Glass Table.

  11. Added a window to allow user to edit and add glass types to the Master database. This "Edit Glass Types" button is located at the top of the Glass Table window.

  12. Moved the Redraw button to the tool bar so that it can be accessed from any tab in the drawing window.

  13. Moved Color selection from the Elevation Info form to the New Job form.

  14. Changed code to allow / key when adding a part number to the parts table.

  15. Fixed bug where Clip material wasn't getting calculated into the Misc Parts total in the Final Summary and Markup reports.

  16. Fixed problem with Labor Code not showing in the drop down list when editing glass part from Glass Table.

  17. Fixed a bug where a bulkhead in the first panel going to a window at the top of the opening was adding an extra piece of glass.

  18. Fix bug in drawing where sill flashing dimension is shown if there is a value in the Sill Flashing field, but the "Has Sill Flashing" box is unchecked.

  19. Updated Master.mdb file fixes problem with "Curtain Wall Press. Plate" time in "Frame Labor Hours and Rates" window for labor defaults.

  20. Added Print Option button in Elevation Glass Report for Basic or Detailed report printing.

  21. Fixed problem with Open Last Vendor option in System Defaults window not showing "No" selected after changing the option the last time in this window.

  22. Removed "Quit to Desktop" button from "Select a Vendor" window. This button wouldn't allow the program to close without selecting a vendor anyway.

  23. Changed right margin on detailed Elevation Glass report so that blank pages won't print out after each report.

Fixes in v15.1.21

  1. Addressed error when Cancel is clicked when adding a part that was not found in one of the parts windows.

  2. Added "Finish Color" to cut list report.

  3. Fixed error when Cancel is clicked when adding a New User record.

  4. Added "Time Per Panel" fields to the Install and Fabrication labor sections for the Frame Labor window.

  5. Added Note to Doors tab about clicking Redraw after editing door and door frame parts.

  6. Problem with Shopdrawing tool not combining elevations, overlapping combined elevations, and adding incorrect dimensions should be fixed.

  7. Added Hours column to each type of labor in the Final Labor Report. Also changed print to Landscape so the new info would fit.

Fixes in v15.1.20

Fixes in v15.1.19

Fixes in v15.1.18

Fixes in v15.1.17

Fixes in v15.1.16

Fixes in v15.1.15

Fixes in v15.1.14

Fixes in v15.1.13

Fixes in v15.1.12

Fixes in v15.1.11

Fixes in v15.1.10

Fixes in v15.1.9