What's in version 15.9.19 (updated 12-7-19)

  1. Bug fix: Alt vert parts were not copied when copying an elevation.
  2. Bug fix: Final parts and optimizer were not refreshed after editing altermate vertical parts.
  3. Bug fix: Fixed issue of price not showing in Add Final Part when the package quantity is 0.
  4. Bug fix: Final glass edit button was not visible.
  5. Bug fix: Quantity field was not saving when adding to Final Glass manually.

What's in version 15.9.18 (updated 11-27-19)

  1. Minor enhancement: Readded the ability to change the job part when manually adding final parts. This was disabled some time ago due to issues with it. We've since cleaned up the issues and readded the ability to do this.
  2. Bug fix: Copying a job sometimes didn't copy entrances properly. This actually stemmed from an issue with the Copy Elevation function and then subsequently copying a job.
  3. Bug fix: Some input fields did't properly round to nearest fraction. Caulk joints and some other input fields were always rounding down.
  4. Bug fix: Error when editing Elevation Settings and selecting a different frame.
  5. Bug fix: Cut List not reprocessed after deleting an elevation.
  6. Bug fix: Vertical adjustment sometimes erroneously changed. Removing the sill receptor from a framing system with a vertical adjustment can cause changes the adjustment at a head receptor
  7. Bug fix: Vertical adjustment fields sometimes erroneously enabled. Upon loading the framing system, the vertical adjustment fields would be enabled even when neither vertical adjustment as che
  8. Bug fix: Tab rows didn't wrap to new row for certain high dpi situations and small screens.

What's in version 15.9.17 (updated 11-17-19)

  1. Bug fix: Fixes issues exporting and importing jobs. These issues were introduced in 15.9.15.

What's in version 15.9.16 (updated 11-14-19)

  1. Bug fix: Fixes issues adding arches, windows, and rakes introduced in 15.9.15.

What's in version 15.9.15 (updated 11-13-19)

  1. Bug fix: Extrusions in the Final Parts printed report sometimes had a different package quantity. We now assume a package quantity of 1 for extrusion/stock parts in Final Parts. This was not reflected in the printed report due to a bug.
  2. Bug fix: Updates to part properties in the Final Parts window grid were not saving. (bug was introduced in 15.9.13) The updates appeared to work, but closing and reopening the final parts window would show they were not saving.
  3. Bug fix: Parts added manually to Final Parts in v15.8 did not show up in 15.9. Part data was not stored properly in 15.8 for manually added final parts causing issues in 15.9. We have added code to automatically correct this now.
  4. Bug fix: Using Windows Zooming or Scaling caused UI issues. Buttons and fields were sometimes partially or totally out of the window making the program unusable in these modes.
  5. Bug fix: Trulite export for Final Parts was not formatted properly.
  6. Bug fix: Entering a bad part number for Alternate Verticals caused an inifinite loop of messages.
  7. Bug fix: Minimizing the optimizer window caused a program error.
  8. Bug fix: Open Last Job setting did not save from the System Defaults window.
  9. Bug fix: The unequal tab's grid accepted invalid width input causes multiple errors.

What's in version 15.9.14 (updated 10-28-19)

  1. Bug fix: Head can not long enough for some specific cases. When an elevation went from a tall panel to a shorter panel, the head can did not properly overlap the vertical between.
  2. Bug fix: Estimator names not showing in job list.
  3. Bug fix: Misconfigured hardware had no price in the printed Final Parts report. If hardware was mistakenly given a stock length value, it had a 0 price in the printed report.
  4. Bug fix: Installer would fail on Windows 10 if .NET 3.5 was not installed. .NET 3.5 was not required but a module we use from another company was requiring it anyway. This caused Windows 10 installs to fail for new users.

What's in version 15.9.13 (updated 10-21-19)

  1. Enhancement: Final Parts now groups the same parts into a single, expandable row.Expanding rows in final parts will show all the modifications of that row.
  2. Enhancement: The "Window" tab has been renamed to "W-Merge".This tab has always really been a way to horizontally merge and was poorly named. We kept a "W-" for using looking for a tab starting with "W" (for Window).
  3. Bug fix: Final glass list is sometimes blank. We found the root cause of this seemingly random behavior and fixed it.
  4. Bug fix: Attempting to change the job name would cause an error.
  5. Bug fix: Couldn't enter a real number for arch height or radius.
  6. Bug fix: Updating multipliers in Final Parts view did not update the total at the bottom.
  7. Bug fix: The Open job on Startup checkbox was not saving properly. This is a checkbox in the jobs list. It would not properly save and apply while opening WinBidPro.
  8. Bug fix: Total Glass area was wrong. Glass area was not properly calculating for raked glass. The Glass by Elevation report is known to still have issues with this.

What's in version 15.9.12 (updated 10-14-19)

  1. Enhancement: Markup material totals can now be explicitly overriden.We added a checkbox next to material fields in the markup form to indicate whether they should remain overriden with a user-specified value.
  2. Bug fix: Total Glass Area in Final Summary was incorrect. Final Glass and Final Summary reports now show matching values for glass area.
  3. Bug fix: Creating a Border from the Cover Page window was not working.
  4. Bug fix: Vertical adjustment fields were not enabling/disabling properly. Changing whether a head/sill receptor was included in a system did not properly enable/disable the vertical adjustment fields.
  5. Bug fix: Copying an elevation from the list view caused an error.
  6. Bug fix: Length adjustments to parts in a component were not rounding properly.Values were rounding up to a 16th instead of the nearest 16th as expected. eg. .063 will now round to .0625 instead of .125.
  7. Bug fix: Tiger Stop export was not working.We removed the Sort # field on the end of the export that was causing it to fail to import.
  8. Bug fix: The database repair utility was not working for most tasks.
  9. Bug fix: The part "Weight" was not copying to a job. When a part is used for the first time in a job, it gets a copy of the part and we were not copying the weight field over.

What's in version 15.9.11 (updated 10-3-19)

  1. Bug fix: Selected Job Color was not applied to new jobs. The default selected color was always getting applied to new jobs.
  2. Bug fix: Print List buttons for various grids were not working.For example, an error would occur trying to print the elevations list.
  3. Bug fix: Misc glass square footage not loading one format of the final glass report.

What's in version 15.9.10 (updated 9-30-19)

  1. Critical fix to 15.9.9 - Misc Part Quantities to high. We accidentally included an untested change in the 15.9.9 that caused component parts with multiple operator '*' to be multipled twice. eg *2 was treated like *4.

What's in version 15.9.9 (updated 9-30-19)

  1. Enhancement: Added a supplier field to parts. This can be useful to indicate an alternate supplier and filter final parts for separate orders.
  2. Bug fix: Copy elevation does not properly open the new one. Changes made to the new elevation actually applied to the last opened elevation in some situations.
  3. Bug fix: Final Parts printed reports can now be by Unit pricing. Previously, printed reports were limited to by-package pricing in 15.9.
  4. Bug fix: Couldn't add new glass types.
  5. Bug fix: Some markup tax settings did not load properly.
  6. Bug fix: Rare Vendor catalog update issue. A catalog with a job that had a finish longer than 25 characters would fail to update.
  7. Other minor UI improvements.

What's in version 15.9.8 (updated 9-23-19)

  1. Bug fix: Markup report not loading the base labor costs.

What's in version 15.9.7 (updated 9-20-19)

  1. Bug fix: Markup report not always showing correct totals. Fixed some issues with markup report showing old data.
  2. Bug fix: Stocks are sometimes price by package. Some catalogs unexpectedly had package quantities greater than 1 for stocks causing quotes tp rise when pricing by package. We've forced stocks to a package quantity of 1 for now.
  3. Bug fix: Some exports were going to the wrong folder. Excel and PDF exports for final parts and cut lists were sometimes going to C:\Jobs\... instead of C:\<vendor path>\Jobs\...
  4. Bug fix: Not enough precision for multipliers in the final parts grid. The final parts grid only allowed decimal 2 digits. It now alows 4.
  5. Bug fix: Final glass totals not updating for manually added glass.
  6. Feature: Added sort number to the Tiger Stop cut list export. We had removed this in favor of the Elevation Code, but added back the sort # by request.
  7. Feature: We added back the ability to prorate final parts package pricing. We had removed this in favor of pricing by package, but added it back by request.

What's in version 15.9.6 (updated 9-13-19)

  1. Bug fix: Manual changes in final glass not immediately updating job price totals. Manually added glass was not included in the glass total and manual changes were not updating the total until the job was reopened.

What's in version 15.9.5 (updated 9-9-19)

  1. Enhancement: Added a setting for showing measurements with fractions or decimals. Current there is limited support for this but we will continue to change fields throughout the program to respect this setting.
  2. Bug fix: Wrong quantities after changing some job settings. Final part quantities were too high after changing job properties that required reprocessing the entire job. Changing a finish color for the job is one example.
  3. Bug fix: Glass not always grouping in the Final Glass report properly. If 2 or more glass cuts were completely the same (description, type, size, etc) except they had different thicknesses, they were lumped into the same line item resulting in too many of one product, and none of the other.
  4. Bug fix: Some exports for reports were not saving in the correct location. Only affected some paper reports exported to excel or pdf.
  5. Bug fix: The elevation descriptions when selecting elevations had the width and height backwards.
  6. NOTE: We briefly published this version with a bug that caused errors with various tabs in the editor. We have fixed this and rereleased it.

What's in version 15.9.4 (updated 8-30-19)

  1. Enhancement: Quick way to Copy Elevations. We added a button to the Elevation dropdown button under the drawing to copy the current elevation.
  2. Enhancement: Glass will apply properly even when labels are selected. Glass labels for type, size, and location will can now be clicked to assign/unassign glass
  3. Enhancement/Bug fix: Offset stacking windows were not working properly. We worked out several issues with windows including extending the horizontal properly when they are staggered on top of each other.
  4. Bug fix: Cannot apply glass directly to windows (merged lites). Only affected 15.9.0-15.9.3.
  5. Bug fix: Grouping in the Final Parts window was not remembered/loading properly. Fields used to group in the Final Parts window were loaded twice each time the window as opened causing them to duplicate.
  6. Bug fix: Metal Recap report was not loading the stocks required. The stocks required field was always 0 for every part in this report.
  7. Bug fix: Framing systems were not refreshing in the framing system list properly after edits. This also caused issues with copying a framing system immediately after editing it from the master list.
  8. Bug fix: Framing System Caulk joints not saving. Default Caulk Joints could not be set in the framing system screen, but were working in elevation layout tab.

What's in version 15.9.3 (updated 8-23-19)

  1. Bug fix: Glass Material total showing wrong value in Markup Report. The glass total was showing the wrong value in the markup report. Only affects 15.9.0 to 15.9.2.
  2. Bug fix: Fixed tab order in framing system configuration view.

What's in version 15.9.2 (updated 8-22-19)

  1. Bug fix: Duplicate key errors. Adding a part to an alternate vertical and to framing systems could cause some data to be duplicated in the job resulting in these errors.

What's in version 15.9.1 (updated 8-22-19)

  1. Bug fix: CAD detail viewing not working. The framing system view was showing detail file paths as the full path instead of relative.
  2. Bug fix: Occasional error adding parts to a framing system. An error occurred when adding a part to multiple components of a framing system and the it was the first time that part was used in the job.
  3. Bug fix: Splits were not working in some cases. Adding a split to a window in a panel other than the beginning panel of the window would cause the vertical split mullion to be excluded.
  4. Bug fix: Stops setting not immediately applied to current job. Changing how horizontal and vertical stops join from the drawing settings did not immediately take affect in the currently open job.
  5. Bug fix: Window positions not always remembered in Windows 7.
  6. Bug fix: Welcome window hidden on startup.
  7. Enhancement: Razor Gauge cut list export includes stock length column.
  8. Enhancement: Exported report file names include the job name.

What's in version 15.9.0 (updated 8-20-19)

  1. Enhancement: Automatic optimization. You can open the optimizer's cut list and watch it change as you work on elevations!
  2. Enhancement: Final parts, cut list, and stock list views were improved.
  3. Enhancement: Export/Import Jobs to/from files. This can be used for backing up and sharing.
  4. Enhancement: Export/Import Frames to/from files. We've improved this feature. This can be used for backing up and sharing.
  5. Enhancement: Door Scehdule view. We've added an experimental door scehdule view. Access it via the Print Reports view.
  6. Enhancement: Updated menu tree. We added removed some icons and replaced the rest with a newer look.
  7. Enhancement: Cancel all changes to a framing system. You can now cancel changes made to component parts from the framing system configuration view.
  8. Enhancement: Added ability to set subsill thickness. This will result in more accurate vertical cuts.
  9. Enhancement: Add more hardware to door frame and door components. There is no longer a limit to the number of parts that can be added.
  10. Enhancement: Performance improvements. We continue to make big improvements to performance. Let us know if anything feels slow.
  11. Bug fix: Elevation quantity not included in final summary calculations.

What's in version 15.8.6 (updated 5-14-19)

  1. Bug fix: Alt Vert commands were not working in 15.8.5.
  2. Bug fix: Elevation Quantity was not factored into Final Summary Report counts.

What's in version 15.8.5 (updated 5-01-19)

  1. Enhancement: Changed Filter for Description column in Glass Tab to use contains instead of begins with method. For example, typing "etch" as a filter will now find the description "Acid Etch Tempered".
  2. Enhancement: Updated Job Labor menu with a choice to overwrite labor in existing elevations. Now when you re-apply labor defaults, it will only update new elevations unless you select the "Overwrite Existing" option is checked.
  3. Enhancement: Changed wording and value for transom glass setting in Door Frame Parts windows. Now the transom glass adjustment is based on the glass bite for the different door frame members. A help icon was added to explain in detail.
  4. Enhancement: Description columns widths in all glass grids will now be saved. This is the only column adjustment that is saved for now. V16 will have new grids that allow all settings to be saved.
  5. Enhancement: New information and a CSV export was added to the Final Summary report. Elevation Count, Frame Panels, Door Count, and Glass Count wer all added to this report. A CSV export with all pertinant data was added as well.
  6. Bug fix: Error in Optimizer when a part had no description.All parts in the Parts List for a catalog should have a description, but if one doesn't it shouldn't generate an error.
  7. Bug fix: Error in Shop Drawing window when default printer settings were not found automatically. This would cause an error when first opening the Shop Drawings window.
  8. Bug fix: Negative values for add-to-daylight in door frame transom settings were not working. Also note enhancement above for how these settings are now stored.
  9. Bug fix: Error in Labor Defaults when opening Frame Labor after editing Glazing Labor. The error would only occur in this sequence.
  10. Bug fix: Quantities of hardware for head and sill receptor material were not correct. Elevations with mulitple cut pieces of head and sill receptor extrusions were only counting the hardware confirgured for those components once.
  11. Bug fix: Shop Drawing title blocks were not getting changes made in the Cover Page window. Many values in a Title Block are taken from the Cover Page. Changes made after a job was opened were not showing up in the Shop Drawings until the job was re-opened.
  12. Bug fix: Transom Head material with a Split vertical was not cutting properly in some cases. With interrupted head conditions, the split material in a transom appeared not to interrupt the transom header.

What's in version 15.8.4 (updated 3-21-19)

  1. Enhancement: Added a surcharge tax field to the markup report. Some state have a tax on surcharges while others do not. We have added a field to the markup report for better control over this.
  2. Enhancement: Added average yield to cut list report. The cut list report will now give an average yield for each part number to quickly give an idea of how well optimized the cuts are.
  3. Enhancement: Added manual pricing ability to CRL catalogs. CRL catalogs used to strictly use the online pricing feature. Now you can also enter in prices manually.
  4. Enhancement: Improved elevation parts grid filtering. Based on feedback, we changed how filtering works for some fields in the elevation parts grid.
  5. Bug fix: Disabled layers showing when printing.
  6. Bug fix: Layer / redraw issue when opening doors tab.
  7. Bug fix: Various report errors. Missing price data could cause various reports to error. Now any missing prices are read as 0.
  8. Bug fix: Framing System import/export not working. There was an error importing a framing system with CAD detail files.
  9. Bug fix: Various errors exporting report data to other formats. There was an error when exporting report data and the job name started or ended with a space.
  10. Bug fix: Extra altnerate vertical cuts next to door jambs. When a door jamb of a subframe was attached to a alternate vertical, the alternate vertical parts were applied to the door jamb as well resulting in extra cuts.
  11. Bug fix: Extra horizontal cut above door subframe. A horizontal was always added to the cut list directly above a door subframe even when it should be just a head.

What's in version 15.8.3 (updated 2-19-19)

  1. Bug Fix: Error when leaving the glass tab. Clicking on the glass tab then clicking on another tab would cause an "Object Required" error. This only affected version 15.8.2
  2. Bug Fix: Rare error when deleting elevations. Elevations with high ID numbers in the database had could not be deleted from the Elevations window.

What's in version 15.8.2 (updated 2-15-19)

  1. Bug Fix: Manually Added Job Glass was missing. 15.8.0 and 15.8.1 contained a bug that removed glass in jobs that was manually added to the final glass list. Any catalog opened in these versions was affected. Starting with 15.8.2, the program will automatically attempt to recover manually added glass from a backup file.
  2. Bug Fix: Couldn't add glass cuts in Final Glass window.
  3. Bug fix: Clear filter button not working in glass tab.

What's in version 15.8.1 (updated 2-10-19)

  1. Bug Fix: Checkbox on welcome screen was not working. Checking the box to not show the welcome screen on startup was not working from the welcome screen itself.
  2. Bug Fix: Glass above midrail was in wrong position. Fixed the position of glass on the drawing above a door midrail.
  3. Bug Fix: Fixed some issues with the installer. The installer had a minor issues causing a configuration to begin when the program started for the first time in 15.8.

What's in version 15.8.0 (updated 1-30-19)

  1. Enhancement: Use architectural elevation reference codes You can now assign architectural reference codes to your elevations which will be used in your Cut List as well as other reports.
  2. Enhancement: Customize the elevation description under drawings. We still lack standard terms and styles for everything. To compensate, we've added a way for you to format the elevation description any way you like from the Drawing Settings window.
  3. Enhancement: Elevation Parts reports are easier and faster to print. Now you can produce an elevation parts report for multiple elevations very quickly from the print reports screen. You can also review these lists more easily from the Parts by Elevation window.
  4. Enhancement: Apply Framing System changes to a subset of your elevations in a job. Got a job with lots of elevations using different systems and you realized a part is missing in one of the system? No problem! Now you can change the master system and reapply it to specific elevations in your job.
  5. Enhancement: Improved startup experience. We've reduce the number of screens opening on startup, especially if you check the box to open the last job on startup.
  6. Enhancement: More Title Blocks added. We added basic 11x17 and 24x36 title blocks that work with dynamic data in our Shop Drawings window.
  7. Bug Fix (Affects glass cuts!): Transom Add to Daylight value not calculated properly at the head. Unless the transom had stops at the head, the "add to daylight" value was coming form the framing system instead of the door frame system at the head of the transom. If the "Add to Daylight" value of the 2 systems were the same, your glass was the wrong height.
  8. Bug Fix: All master systems sometimes get deleted. A rare but significant bug affecting all versions of 15.7 could cause master systems to be deleted requiring our support staff to restore them from a backup.
  9. Bug Fix: Subframe verticals not always going to the floor.
  10. Bug Fix: Glass at head of a raked split was not cutting properly.
  11. Bug Fix: Error when changing framing systems from the Elevation screen.
  12. Bug Fix: Error when changing framing systems from the Elevation screen.
  13. Bug Fix: Occasional issues with the glass tab. Data was not always loading or sorting properly.
  14. Bug Fix: Horizontal Type 2 Misc Parts not processed. These misc parts were not included in estimates and reports.
  15. Bug Fix: Error after updating multiple cut lengths manually. This would sometimes occur in the optimizer window.
  16. Bug Fix: Shop Drawings window would appear to not open. The window would sometimes be off screen if one of the monitors was disconnected in a multi-monitor setup.
  17. Bug Fix: Job Backup not working. An issue updating the fields of the backup database caused it to not work for most versions of 15.7.
  18. Bug Fix: Apostrophe in job name causes optimizer errors.
  19. Bug Fix: Arch glass not calculating correctly. We have resolved some issues with arch glass. There is still a known issue preventing the arch height from being 100% exact in some cases. This will be patched in an update that is soon to follow.
  20. Bug Fix: Vertical cuts sometimes too long. Verticals interrupted by window in a frame with a sill can were too long.
  21. Bug Fix: Cover page errors. The cover page screen has been improved reducing errors and cleaning up the automatic data that is filled in.

What's in version 15.7.11 (updated 12-1-18)

  1. Bug Fix: All vendors systems could be mistakenly deleted. This is a quick fix for a rare issue that, when it occurs, causes all vendor systems in a catalog from being deleted.

What's in version 15.7.10 (updated 12-1-18)

  1. Bug Fix: Extrusion cuts of first elevation somtimes doubled in cut list. When switching from an open job to another job, immediately opening the optimizer and clicking "Get elevation parts" would cause cuts for the first elevation to be doubled. Redrawing or modifying the first elevation would then remove the extra parts so it was not always affecting users and difficult to track.

What's in version 15.7.9 (updated 11-16-18)

  1. Bug Fix: .dwg and .dxf File Associations were not working properly. This was fixed in 15.7.6 but was accidentally removed in 15.7.8.
  2. Bug Fix: "Copy to Vendor" didn't copy jobs properly. The framing systems of the newly copied job were not be saved properly and often resulted in a job that would error when loaded and that had a wrong or incomplete framing system.
  3. Bug Fix: Upper Left Caulk Joint overlapped the frame dimension. We have fixed this and made the caulk joints all use a consisent look and positioning.
  4. Bug Fix: Automatic selection was not working in the jobs list. The jobs window was not automatically selecting the last opened or currently opened job.
  5. Bug Fix: Drawings were slightly cut off. We finally resolved the last of the issues with job drawings being cut off when printing or exporting to PDF while a real printer was selected.
  6. Enhancement: A license expiration warning. We added warning at the top of the main window that reminds you when you are within 7 days of your license expiring.
  7. Enhancement: Menu tree now has a full scroll bar. The menu tree now has a full scroll bar and is slightly wider to make it easier to navigate.

What's in version 15.7.8 (updated 11-12-18)

  1. Bug Fix: Null error when starting up for the first time. 15.7.7 introduced a bug that affected new users or users installing on a new machine for the first time. It caused a "null" erorr when starting up the program.

What's in version 15.7.7 (updated 11-8-18)

  1. Bug Fix: Error after editing a part. An Error ocurred when adding or editing parts from a filtered parts list.
  2. Bug Fix: Default price not working. The first price of a part (typically labeled Mill) was not getting used when no matching finish prices for a part were found.
  3. Bug Fix: Raked vertical parts wrong when not a tube. When a raked vertical had multiple parts, the lengths of all but one of the parts were wrong.
  4. Bug Fix: Cover Page not exporting text properly. Cover Page new lines were showing up with ^M in exported drawings.
  5. Bug Fix: Cover Page print not working properly. The Cover Page was getting cut off around the edges in the print preview.
  6. Bug Fix: Door Jamb filler was sometimes short. Door Jamb Filler should always extend to the floor (even next to a bulkhead) when the Include Door Jamb Filler setting is set to always include regardless of whether there is a sidelite.

What's in version 15.7.6 (updated 11-5-18)

  1. Bug Fix: .dwg and .dxf File Associations not working properly. .dwg and .dxf files were only opening WinBidPro CAD, but not the file itself within the program.

What's in version 15.7.5 (updated 11-2-18)

  1. Bug Fix: Job Number in the Title Block just had "Value". If a job number was not used in the cover page, the title block would just contian the word "Value".
  2. Bug Fix: Job List sorts were always ascending. We now sort in descending order when appropriate in the jobs list so that more recent jobs show first.
  3. Bug Fix: Frame Door Jamb Interrupt setting not copying to new frames. The Door Jamb Interrupt setting was not copying properly to new frames and could cause cuts in a job to be wrong for the door frame.

What's in version 15.7.4 (updated 11-1-18)

  1. Bug Fix: Splits in the transom had stops applied to them. A change in 15.7.0 caused stops to be applied to splits in a transom rather than just the door jambs.
  2. Bug Fix: Job list sort not working when opened. When opening the job list, it would not initially sort properly.
  3. Bug Fix: Some CAD programs had trouble importing drawings. Some CAD programs were not importing dimensions correctly and we have taken steps to help make them work properly.
  4. Bug Fix: Printouts getting cut off. We applied the wrong margin value in some calculations and were cutting off the drawing when sending it to the printer.
  5. Bug Fix: Door Jamb Interrupt Subsill setting. Between version 15.6 and 15.7.2, we accidentally applied a bad default setting to new framing systems that is began changing cuts lengths of door jambs in 15.7. We have added a prompt for affected users that allows them to reset this setting for all systems.

What's in version 15.7.2 (updated 10-29-18)

  1. Bug Fix: Editor tabs were resetting when changing elevations. When switching to another elevation the Layout tab would always become the active tab.
  2. Bug Fix: Per Elevation component parts were missing. Hardware entered into the Per Elevation component of the framing system were not included in reports.
  3. Bug Fix: The Door Leaves window sometimes errors. The "Sort by Height" setting was causing multiple errors in the door leaves list window.
  4. Feature: Vendor name can be changed in reports. You can now go to the Vendor Info screen and change the name of the vendor as you would like it to appear on reports.
  5. Feature: Show horizontal dimensions from the finish floor. The Dimensions tab of the Drawing Settings window now has additional options to control the horizontal position dimensions including showing them from the finish floor.

What's in version 15.7.1 (updated 10-19-18)

  1. Bug Fix: Transom stop profiles were reversed. Horizontal and vertical profiles were switched. This only affected users using 15.7.0
  2. Bug Fix: Error sometimes when loading jobs screen. The jobs screen often showed an error when opening a different vendor.
  3. Bug Fix: Dimension text of the top dimensions positioned incorrectly. Small dimensions along the top would place the measurement text to the right of the dimension instead of center.
  4. Enhancement: New drawing settings. We redesigned the drawing settings window and added options to override the text of the various dimensions.

What's in the New Version 15.7.0 (updated 10-11-18)

  1. Caulk Joints. Ability to include Caulk Joints and show the Rough Opening
  2. Dimension Labels. Most dimensions now have labels that describe what they are
  3. Dimension Options. New and clearer options for including/excluding dimensions
  4. Layer Options. More control over visible layers
  5. Printable Layer Options. More control over printable layers
  6. Description Fields allow special characters. Now many description fields allow special characters like / to support fractions among other things
  7. Returned setting for door jambs to sit on top of subsill. Now that we can properly handle caulk joints, we have added back the setting that allows door jambs to sit on top of the subsill.
  8. Bug Fix: Missing data when restoring a backed up job Manually added parts to the final parts list were not restored when resotoring a backed up job.
  9. Bug Fix: Glass labels hanging out of opening We improved how glass labels are positioned so that they fit over the lites better.
  10. Bug Fix: Errors processing an elevation don't clear the drawing Sometimes when an elevation opened and an error occurs, the previous elevation was still shown.
  11. Bug Fix: Error when removing panels with an entrance If the number of panels was set to a lower number and an entrance was in one of the panels removed, it caused an error.
  12. Bug Fix: Various issues while adding new users Data was not updating properly in the users list of multiple windows when a new local user was added.
  13. Bug Fix: IndexOutOfRangeException Error when opening an elevation Elevations with entrance subframes that had details configured for the subframe were getting an "IndexOutOfRangeException" error.
  14. Bug Fix: Face Cover at head not always the correct length The head face cover was too short for systems with a head receptor.
  15. Bug Fix: "XX" in the Vendor Name of reports Some reports had XX in place of the Vendor Name.
  16. Bug Fix: Jobs copied using Copy to Phase were missing some door data The filler setting in Door Frames was not copied properly when using the Copy to Phase feature.
  17. Bug Fix: Export to PDF cuts off edges of the drawing. In Shop Drawings when using scale to fit, PDF exports were cut off along the right or bottom edges.
  18. Other stability improvements. We've made various improvements to increase performance and stability of the application.

What's in the New Version 15.6.8 (updated 8-23-18)

  1. Bug Fix: Glass tab was empty on startup. This fixes a problem introduced in 15.6.6 where the glass tab is not loaded properly when the program starts.
  2. Bug Fix: Reports were not working. This fixes a problem introduced in 15.6.7 where all reports gave an "Invalid use of Null" error.

What's in the New Version 15.6.6 (updated 8-21-18)

  1. Enhancement: Users can now modify the horizontal above a door subframe. Prior to this version, the horizontal above a door subframe was always a horizontal of type 1. You can now override this with a horizontal or window command.
  2. Enhancement: A custom user field was added to glass records. This field allows users to add extra information to glass and potentially have a custom way to sort the glass.
  3. Big Fix: The glass with labels export to CSV has been changed to be less confusing. The CSV export of the final glass list had total quantities for each itemized field for label making but this was often confused for a quantity to order of each row in the export, so it was replaced with 1's to allow for a simple summation.
  4. Bug Fix: Various window (or merged panels) issues. Various issues with windows and splits inside them were resolved in this update. There were duplicated parts and split horizontals within a window did not always work properly.
  5. Bug Fix: Shop Drawings - Some detail files did not load properly. Detail files could sometimes be previewed in the framing system screen but did not load properly in shop drawings.
  6. Bug Fix: Shop Drawings - Added option to show panel numbers. Users had this functionality prior to 15.6.0 and we added it to the new Shop Drawing screen.
  7. Bug Fix: Program crashes when cancelling shop drawings. When you went to Print Reports > Open Shop Drawings and then cancelled during the elevation selection, the program would crash.
  8. Bug Fix: Layout tab sometimes locks up. After creating a new job, sometimes the layout tab would not accept inputs.

What's in the New Version 15.6.5 (updated 8-9-18)

  1. Bug Fix: Shop Drawings - Margins sometimes too big. Many printers have a "hard" margin that is space along the edge where they can't possibly print. This was being added to the user-specified margin for a total margin greater than expected and caused alignment issues for title blocks.
  2. Bug Fix: Shop Drawings - Blank elevations caused errors. If an elevation had no parameters defined to draw anything, it would cause an error while opening shop drawings.
  3. Bug Fix: Shop Drawings - Title block attributes were out of position. In 15.6.4 title block attributes were showing in the wrong place.
  4. Bug Fix: Shop Drawings - Elevation blocks exported to DXF and DWG did not explode properly. When exported, rectangles were exploding into 4 separate lines instead of a single polyine shape.
  5. Bug Fix: Shop Drawings - Split bubbles showing. We don't yet support split bubbles in shop drawings, but an old setting was causing them to show for some users.
  6. Enhancement: Elevation print button now opens shop drawings window. The shop drawings window will open and generate a preview for the current elevation when you press the "Print" button below the elevation drawing.

What's in the New Version 15.6.4 (updated 8-7-18)

  1. Bug Fix: Shop Drawings - Scale to fit not always working. When 1 elevation-per-sheet was the selected option, tall elevations would not scale to fit properly.
  2. Bug Fix: Shop Drawings - Detail Callouts were missing from prints. Detail callouts showed in the preview but not when printed.
  3. Bug Fix: Shop Drawings - Elevation hangs off left margin. Elevations sometimes hung over the left margin of the paper and were cut off.
  4. Bug Fix: Shop Drawings - DWG and DXF Exports were in the wrong scale. Elevations would usually appear very small or large because they were at still at a scale WinBidPro uses for printing calculations.
  5. Enhancement: Elevation descriptions now wrap. Elevation descriptions are now a minimum of 100 drawing units wide and will wrap to more lines when they extend beyond the width of the elevation or 100 units (which ever is greater).
  6. Enhancement: WinBidPro CAD File Associations. If installed, WinBidPro CAD will be associated with DWG and DXF files so it is now easy to right-click such a file and see WinBidPro CAD in the "Open With" menus.

What's in the New Version 15.6.3 (updated 8-3-18)

  1. Bug Fix: Feet symbol not working in most tool tab text boxes. Most text boxes were giving an error when you entered numbers with feet such as like 16'.
  2. Bug Fix: Thresholds were sometimes the wrong length. When a door frame had an extra-wide transom (with a window) the threshold was too long, matching the length of the door header.
  3. Bug Fix: Component names in the cut list were different. Parts in the cut list were showing a generic internal component name instead of a more detail and readable name.

What's in the New Version 15.6.2 (updated 8-2-18)

  1. Bug Fix: Door Jambs not included in the cut list. This fixes a bug introduced in 15.6.0 causing door jambs and sometimes door jamb filler to not show up in the cut list.

What's in the New Version 15.6.1 (updated 8-2-18)

15.6.1 contains a few fixes for issues in 15.6.0 issues.

  1. Bug Fix: Program would crash on startup. Some user couldn't start the program. It would crash without error after selecting the user.
  2. Bug Fix: Alternate vertical splices. Alternate verticals didn't automatically splice at the correct location if longer or shorter than the component it was replacing.
  3. Bug Fix: Split dimensions above a door didn't always show. The drawings didn't have dimensions for a split starting at the door height, but would if it started at the top of the door header.
  4. Bug Fix: Job Screen showed after cancelling a vendor switch. If a user went to switch vendors and then cancelled, the job selection screen would still appear.
  5. Bug Fix: Default PDF Export location was wrong. PDF Exports were not opening to the correct default folder.

What's in the New Version 15.6.0 (updated 7-31-18)

Video: Click here to watch a quick summary video of the new features.

15.6 contains new features and fixes. For images and a more thorough overview of the changes, see our news page.

  1. Feature: New Shop Drawings window! Clearer, easier to use interface more options and customizations including custom Title Blocks.
  2. Feature: More Accurate Display of Glass. Optionally turn on the glass layer with the frame to see the real size of the glass overlapping the frame.
  3. Feature: Alternate Verticals Highlight. Alternate verticals are highlighted orange to indicate they are not typical.
  4. Feature: Display Face Covers. Optionally turn on the Face Cover/Cap layer to see how the program is calculating your face cover cuts.
  5. Enhancement: Performance improved. We've made enhancements to how jobs are loaded that reduce the load on the catalog database files and improve the speed of the program when switching elevations.
  6. A New Way to Help Improve WinBidPro! This version includes the option to help us improve WinBidPro by allowing the program to send anonymous statistics about how you use various parts of the program. If you approve this on startup, it will automatically send us information about errors, and it helps us see what features users care about so we can put more focus on the things people want and need everyday.
  7. Bug fix: Job Backup was not always backing up all job information.
  8. Bug fix: Subsill on a bulkhead to the right of a door subframe started in the wrong place.
  9. Bug fix: Alternate verticals were not overriding door jamb cuts.
  10. Bug fix: Automatic splices for verticals next to door jambs were not always using the correct stock length.
  11. Bug fix: Glass stops were not always cutting properly.
  12. Bug fix: The Door Height dimension was not always showing. When there was a bulkhead in the elevation, the door height dimension started at the top of the bulkhead instead of the bottom of the opening.
  13. Bug fix: Splits above a door were cut too long.
  14. Bug fix: The joint counts for elevations using can system were too low.
  15. Bug fix: Face Covers were not always splicing properly. Sometimes face covers cuts were short and there were more cuts than necessary.
  16. Bug fix: Parts added to an alternate vertical would somtimes not save properly. If the added part was not already used in a framing system within the job, it would not be included in the cut list.

What's in the New Version 15.5.3 (updated 4-11-18)

15.5.3 contains bug fixes

  1. Bug fix: Changing an elevation's sort code does not work properly resort elevations. In 15.5.2, an issue was introduced that caused the elevation sort to not reorder elevations properly when the sort code of an elevation was changed. This sometimes caused two or more elevations to have the same sort code.
  2. Bug fix: Unwanted door jamb filler was sometimes included. Door jamb filler on one side of the door frame was always included even when the checkbox to only include it next to sidelites was selected.
  3. Bug fix: Some door data was missing when copying a job to another vendor. When copying a job to another vendor catalog, not all door and door frame data was properly copied over.
  4. Bug fix/Enhancement: Bulkhead dimension was including the subsill. We reworked the code for dimensions to be more reliable and consistent. When opened in a CAD program, they will more accurately reflect the points they are anchored to.
  5. Bug fix: Fixed a rare issue with automatic splices. Fixed an issue where a vertical next to a door subframe was automatically spliced to the longest possible length of the door jamb component which could sometimes be different from the longest possible vertical component length.

What's in the New Version 15.5.2 (updated 3-14-18)

15.5.2 contains fixes for an issue introduced in 15.5.0

  1. Bug fix: Alternate Vertical parts are not applied. A bug in 15.5.0 caused alternate vertical parts to not apply in most cases.

What's in the New Version 15.5.0 (updated 3-7-18)

15.5.0 contains enhancements and fixes

  1. Enhancement: You can now add multiple alternate verticals at one time. When adding an alternate vertical, you can select multiple verticals.
  2. Enhancement: Added ability to group columns in the cut list grid.
  3. Enhancement: Added Print List button to Glass by Job grid.
  4. Bug fix: Print button under the drawing was not showing a preview. The print button was not going to the print preview screen.
  5. Bug fix: Copy elevation sometimes corrupted the database. Copying an elevation and then quickly changing the name right after sometimes caused the database to get corrupted.
  6. Bug fix: Entrance favorites were not appearing at the top of the list. The entrances screen did not show favorites at the top of the list when it was initially opened.
  7. Bug fix: Vertical length was sometimes wrong above a window. The vertical portion above a window was sometimes too short when a window's sill and head profiles were different.
  8. Bug fix: GTS and CSV export was missing quantities in some cases. Fixed GTS and CSV export of final parts when "price by package" is unchecked.
  9. Bug fix: Cut list changes weren't saving automatically. When a cut was modified in the Cut List, it was not automatically marking the cut as a "saved" or modified cut.
  10. Bug fix: Copy to Vendor screen freezes up when filtering. The filter bar no longer causes the screen to freeze when copying a job to another vendor.
  11. Bug fix: Error when changing door frame in Entrance form.
  12. Bug fix: Error when adding an entrance near an alternate vertical. The program mistakenly thought alternate verticals were one vertical to the left when placing a door frame.
  13. Bug fix: Fixed data integrity issues in Frame Parts configuration screen. These issues had negative impacts on various framing system operations.

What's in the New Version 15.4.15 (updated 12-14-17)

15.4.15 contains fixes to issues with printing and entrances

  1. Enhancement: More options for automatic inclusion/exclusion of door jamb filler. A checkbox has been added above the door jamb filler parts in the door frame edit window that allows you to control when the program includes filler parts. The options are "always" or "only when there is a sidelite".
  2. Bug fix: Door frame stops were sometimes missing. When two or more entrances were put next to each other door stop was only applied to one side of the shared door jambs.
  3. Bug fix: Raked verticals sometimes too short. At times, raked verticals were a 1/16th or 1/32nd short.
  4. Bug fix: Weatherstripping not showing up. Weather stripping parts for a door jamb were not included in the final parts list.
  5. Bug fix: Length of split above door subframe was too long. Splits in the glass above a door subframe were extending partially into the door header.

What's in the New Version 15.4.14 (updated 10-26-17)

15.4.14 contains fixes to issues with printing and entrances

  1. Bug fix: Drawings were sometimes cut off. Drawings were often slightly cut off at the bottom. We have resolved the issue and drawings will now center and display properly.
  2. Bug fix: Printing did not use the correct defaults for drawings. We mistakenly disable some default settings in the drawing preview screen. Those have been corrected. Further, the print preview will now remember your last printer selection.
  3. Bug fix: Changing the door frame of an entrance didn't work. The program would error when changing the door frame of entrance in the entrances window.

What's in the New Version 15.4.13 (updated 10-12-17)

15.4.13 contains fixes to issues with dimensions introduced in 15.4.11

  1. Bug fix: Daylight dimension was sometimes wrong. The daylight dimension for the bottom daylight opening for systems with subsill was showing the daylight height plus the subsill profile.
  2. Bug fix: Horizontal position dimension was sometimes wrong. The horizontal position dimension was starting from the top of the subsill if one existed instead of starting from the floor bulkhead.

What's in the New Version 15.4.12 (updated 10-5-17)

15.4.12 contains several bug fixes and a couple minor improvements. Here are a few highlights:

  1. Bug fix: Multiple splits at the sill didn't cut correctly. When there was more than one split command that hits the sill, the sill ran continuously through the split.
  2. Bug fix: Shop Drawing tabs were not labeled correctly. The shop drawing tabs were not numbered or grouped correctly. Sometimes there were too many of them and they showed a blank drawing.
  3. Bug fix: The elevation count was not accounted for in the glass list report. We have added the elevation count into the glass list report.
  4. Bug fix: Problems assigning glass when sharing a database. When two users were creating elevations at the same time, only the last user to redraw could assign glass.
  5. Bug fix: Vendor name does not always appear in the vendor list. The rows in the Vendor list were sometimes too short causing the vendor name to not display.

What's in the New Version 15.4.11 (updated 9-26-17)

15.4.11 contains the another round of bug fixes.

  1. Bug fix: Wrong or no data was loading for the door frame detail screen. Door Frame detail screen was always loading the wrong door frame or showing up blank.
  2. Bug fix: Job Copy functions sometimes errored and deleted job data. The copy to phase routine sometimes errored and deleted some of the elevations of the original job.
  3. Bug fix: Issue with splits at the head. Splits at the head caused the head component to draw lower than it should.
  4. Bug fix: Door jambs inconsistently cut when isolated. Door jambs will now consistently run to the floor when against a wall, bulkhead, or another door.
  5. Bug fix: Detail scale setting was too high for new users. The drawing settings window was showing a detail scale of 10 for a new user but should be .33 (33% of full scale)
  6. Bug fix: Subsill sometimes extended into door jamb. A subsill on a bulkhead and to the left of a door jamb would extend into the door jamb.
  7. Bug fix: The subsill dimension shows twice. A dimension from the floor to the bottom of the first sill was showing up and sometimes looked like a subsill dimension.
  8. Bug fix: Some elevation shop drawings were displaying blank. When producing shop drawings with 1 elevation per sheet, some elevations displayed blank or out of order.
  9. Improvement: Shop Drawings print centered to page Shop drawings used to be left-aligned but are now centered to the page.
  10. Improvement: Door jamb filler was auto-excluded at wall jambs The program was automatically excluding filler parts for the door jamb when it was also the wall jamb. This is not always ideal and nor obvious to the user so the feature was removed.

What's in the New Version 15.4.10 (updated 9-5-17)

15.4.10 contains the another round of bug fixes.

  1. Improvement: Shop Drawings Shop Drawings have been completely reworked and are the biggest part of this update. Performance has increased exponentially and the various drawing scale issues have been fixed.
  2. Bug fix: Razor Gage Report Was Not Working. The Razor Gage Report was trying to get data from the unoptimized cut list instead of the optimized cut list.
  3. Bug fix: Left Wall Jamb was Sometimes Missing. The left jamb was sometimes missing when a door frame was in the first panel.
  4. Bug fix: Various Miter Issues Some mitered corners were cut too short or not displaying properly.
  5. Bug fix: Changing a Door Frame to Another Panel Caused Errors Door frames sometimes caused errors if they were moved to another panel (opposed to deleting and then readding them).
  6. Bug fix: The Left and Right Dimension Drawing Settings were Reversed Selecting the setting to show right dimensions showed the left dimensions and vice versa.
  7. Bug fix: Adapters Were Not Working Adapters were often not applying properly. They have been fixed and easier to are easier add.
  8. Bug fix: Total Lineal Gasket Incorrect in Final Parts Gasket was calculated incorrectly in the Final Parts report causing it to sometimes be too much.
  9. Bug fix: Duplicate Key Error When adding miters and various other modifications to an elevation, a "Duplicate Key" message sometimes displayed. This has been fixed for several for all reported cases.
  10. Bug fix: Backuping Up Jobs Sometimes Failed The backup file wasn't always updated properly which cuased an error to occur while backing up jobs.
  11. Bug fix: Splits Under an Arch Did Not Work Properly Splits under an arch of an elevation would not draw or cut properly.
  12. Bug fix: Copy Job To Vendor Displays Errors After Completing The Copy Job to Vendor process was not properly opening the new job and cause errors to be displayed.
  13. Bug fix: Elevation Quantity Not Always Selected When New Job was Created If a new job was created as the program opened, the Elevation Quantity field was not highlighted when the main screen loaded.
  14. Improvement: Edit Part Screen Obsolete fields in the Edit Part Screen were removed and a note for the package quantity field was added for clarity.
  15. Improvement: Elevation List Screen The elevation name is now editable directly from the list.

What's in the New Version 15.4.9 (updated 4-14-17)

15.4.9 contains the another round of bug fixes.

  1. Bug fix: Cut labors costs were sometimes too high. The cuts count used in labor calculations was multiplied twice causing an elevation with a quantity greater than 1 to have an exponential increase in cut labor costs.
  2. Bug fix: CRL quotes didn't save properly. The final parts screen for CRL catalogs had an error while closing. Due to this error, if the job was quoted, the quoted information was not saved properly in WinBidPro. Note: CRL would still have the quote information.
  3. Bug fix: Splits in a panel with a raked top were incorrectly cut. Note: an issue still exists with splits in a window that meets a raked top.
  4. Bug fix: Miscellaneous parts for the Horizontal 2 were missing. Miscellaneous/hardware parts entered into the Horizontal 2 component were not included in the final list of parts for any elevation.
  5. Bug fix: Error while loading final parts Under some rare conditions, a necessary field in the Final Parts list was missing data which caused an error while loading the final parts screen.
  6. Bug fix: Issue with the grid filter in optimizer cuts grid. If the filter entered for the elevation field in the cuts list did not match any elevations, an error was thrown.

What's in the New Version 15.4.8 (updated 3-9-17)

15.4.8 contains the another round of bug fixes.

  1. Bug fix: Sill was sometimes split in the wrong situations. When adding a vertical split to a panel, it would split the sill even if the split didn't go all the way down to the sill.
  2. Bug fix: Duplicate key error. Modifications to elevations occasionally got a "duplicate key error" preventing the elevation from drawing.
  3. Bug fix: Reports were missing time and date. The time and date were missing from the Metal Cut Listing and Glass Listing reports.
  4. Bug fix: Job name was not updating on cover page.
  5. The job name on the border page was not updating when the job name was changed.
  6. Bug fix: A door jamb was sometimes missing. The left door jamb was sometimes missing depending on a few specific combinations of options in the door frame and general framing system.
  7. Bug fix: Hardware parts did not always show the correct supplier. Parts in the hardware list didn't always display the correct supplier.

What's in the New Version 15.4.7 (updated 2-21-17)

15.4.7 contains the another round of bug fixes.

  1. Bug fix: Various report issues. Various reports had errors on some machines, but not others. We've improved the reliability of our reports and increased the speed at which they are generated.
  2. Bug fix: The labor estimate for cuts was sometimes incorrect. The number of cuts were not refreshed when processing labor which caused labor estimates to sometimes be incorrect.
  3. Bug fix: Cover page text was not positioned or wrapping properly. Text on the cover page was not positioned or wrapping properly.
  4. Bug fix: Copy Frame to All Elevations utility didn't work. The utility would error and sometime leave the elevations in an odd state.
  5. Bug fix: Panel heads sometimes overlapped door headers. A recent bug--when a head to the right of the door was the same height as the door header, it extended across the door panel.
  6. Bug fix: Splice counts were sometimes random and wrong. When splice parts were defined on the frame, a seemingly random number of splices were included in the final parts.
  7. Bug fix: Sometimes too many splits were included in an elevation. Split quantities were multiplying by the number of splits in the elevation.
  8. Bug fix: Sill was not split when a split vertical intersects it. If a split was added at the sill of a simple panel daylight opening, it would not split the sill.
  9. Bug fix: Backup and Restore routines were not always working. Various fixes were made to make backup and restore more reliable.
  10. Improvement: Markup report changes. Special characters are now allowed in the notes and a subtotal before the tax was added to one of the markup report formats.

What's New in WinBidPro 15.4.6

15.4.6 contains the another round of bug fixes.

  1. Bug fix: The framing system head parts were included for a door header. In most cases, the head parts configured for the framing system was included with any door header, even if the door frame was not a H-type frame.
  2. Bug fix: Couldn't cancel out of changing all elevations' frames. When a user clicked the button to change all elevations to a particular frame and then tried to cancel, it would still change them all.
  3. Bug fix: Adding a centerline sometimes shortened the elevation. If there were fixed panels before any centerline, the elevation width would get shorter.
  4. Bug fix: The Job Backup was not working. The job backup file was not getting updated properly with some recent database changes which caused it to error. This has been fixed.
  5. Bug fix: Split sills wouldn't always cut correctly. When there was a window with splits at the sill, the sills were cut as if the window only stretched across the first panel of the window.
  6. Bug fix: The dimensions of a split window were incorrect. The dimensions of the openings in window that had splits were always starting from the left side of the window causing them to be too long and overlapping each other.

What's New in WinBidPro 15.4.5

15.4.5 contains just a few fixes to address some bugs.

  1. Bug fix: Glass area in the final and summary reports was sometimes incorrect. The glass area calculation was not taking into account the minimum glass area of a lite.
  2. Bug fix: Master.mdb errors could be confusing and repetitive. Various improvments were made to make Master.mdb problems clearer.
  3. Bug fix: An wide alternate vertical in the right jamb changed the width of the elevation. If the right jamb had a different profile from standard verticals in the framing system, it expanded the elevation's width beyond the opening.
  4. Bug fix: Transom window spanning multiple panels sometimes caused an error. Only effected some elevations with multiple windows and including a transom spanning more than one panel. The wrong window was sometimes used when calculating aspects of the transom.
  5. Bug fix: In some cases, reports would throw errors and not generate. If WinBidPro was installed into a path with spaces, the program for generating reports would not run properly.
  6. Bug fix: Arch glass type label was not showing when it was first assigned. After assigning glass to an arch, the label would be positioned too high and it was not clear the glass had been assigned until a redraw occurred.
  7. Minor Feature: The prices in the final parts screen are now editable We enabled the ability to change the prices in the final parts grid to easily override prices as needed.

What's New in WinBidPro 15.4.4

This update contains just a few fixes to finish of a major round fixing user-reported bugs for 15.4.

  1. Bug fix: Elevation would not load giving a NULL error. In rare cases, a door frame had some invalid data causing the elevation to not load properly.
  2. Bug fix: Wrong elevation displays when there is an error. The last-viewed drawing was being displayed when the current elevation errored. The drawing will now clear and be blank.
  3. Bug fix: Adding an alternate vertical sometimes didn't work. There was a bug causing the second-to-last vertical to error when assigned an alternate vertical.

What's New in WinBidPro 15.4.3

This update contains several fixes to previous 15.4 versions. If you have 15.4.2 or below of the 15.4 series of updates, please update to 15.4.3.

Jan 13, 2017
  1. Bug fix: "Lite at Sill" was applying to all lites. Parts under the "Lite at Sill" component of the framing system were applying to all lites instead of just the lites at the sill.
  2. Bug fix: Viewing/editing details and cover pages were not working. When clicking to view or edit various cad files from within the program, an error would be displayed and stop the operation.
  3. Bug fix: Final Glass report was grouping different types of glass. The glass report should have shown different glass labels and types separately, but was merging them together.
  4. Bug fix: Alternate verticals could not replace either Wall Jamb.
  5. Bug fix: Metal Cut Count was wrong. The metal cuts were not being counted and instead adding just 1 for each elevation.
  6. Bug fix: Error displays when closing the optimizer. This only affected some jobs in CRL vendor files.
  7. Bug fix: Split opening dimensions in wrong position. The dimensions for split panel openings were drawing to the left of where they should start instead of to the right.
  8. Bug fix: An occasional missing key error displays when redawing. Some elevations have some invalid data that was causing an error that should have been ignored but instead was displaying an error message.
  9. Bug fix: Threshold and Door Stop at Head parts were usually way too short. The Threshold and and Door Stop at Head components were being fed the panel number of the door frame instead of the width.
  10. Bug fix: The program occasionally doesn't load a job on startup and has to be restarted. If the user enabled the "Load job on startup" option, WinBidPro would occasionally not find the last opened job and have an issue loading the drawing screen, requiring a restart of the whole application.

What's New in WinBidPro 15.4.2

Jan 12, 2017

This update brings some critical fixes to WinBidPro 15.4. Several bugs were reported shortly after 15.4.1 was released and are fixed in this release.

  1. Bug fix: Glazing vinyl calculation not working. Glazing vinyl was being converted from inches to feet twice, causing calculations to be severely short.
  2. Bug fix: Per Joints calculation not working Joints were not being calculated at the right time causing the "Per Joint" component to stop being included in the final parts list.
  3. Bug fix: Opening the optimizer caused a file lock error. For users with a lot of jobs, opening the optimizer could cause a file lock error.
  4. Bug fix: Issue loading an elevation A database value for transom stops was not always handled properly sometimes causing an error while loading an elevation with a door frame.
  5. Bug fix: A split with a splice didn't cut correctly. Splits that were spliced were only showing the top most cut piece.
  6. Bug fix: Alternate vertical was sometimes overriding other members. If adding an alternate vertical was the last change to an elevation, it would override the parts of all other stock-type components in the framing system.
  7. Bug fix: Missing part data error message was confusing. There was an error message displaying when a part was referenced in the framing system that no longer existed. While this could be important to do in some cases to ensure framing systems are properly configured, it was creating confusion and was a more common problem than we first realized. We have removed this message for now and will add a better warning and automatic fix in the future.
  8. Bug fix: Installer didn't always default to the C: drive. The installer was sometimes defaulting to a drive other than C: (it would go to the drive with the most space which was often a backup drive) which caused some confusion and problems running the program. The installer now defaults to the drive with Windows on it.

What's New in WinBidPro 15.4.1

Jan 07, 2017

This update brings 15.4 out of beta and into a stable release. It contains mostly bug fixes for issues that have been around since before the 15.4.0 beta and also has a couple minor feature enhancements:

  1. Added "Heat Strengthened" - Heat Strengthened is now available as a glass type and will show up in glass report summaries
  2. Bug fix: Couldn't add an arch spanning multiple panels - Adding arches spanning more than 1 panel would only span the first panel (introduced in the 15.4.0 beta).
  3. Bug fix: Opening a new vendor didn't always load properly - When the "Open Job on Startup" option is selected and a new vendor is opened, the program would not initially load properly (introduced in the 15.4.0 beta).
  4. Bug fix: Transom stops were sometimes misaligned - Transom stops at the top and sides were misaligned when there was a head receptor included in the elevation.
  5. Bug fix: Transom vertical stops appeared on splits - Transom vertical stops were included on split mullions instead of just the door jambs.
  6. Bug fix: Sometimes missing data in printed reports - Print reports occasionally missed some data (typically occurred on networked vendor files).
  7. Bug fix: Detail bubbles exported to the wrong layer. Detail bubbles were placed in the metal layer instead of the bubbles layer of exported CAD files.
  8. Bug fix: Parts of panel splits were not properly caculated - The widths of split panel openings were not properly rounded and balanced causing some misalignment of parts in the drawing.
  9. Bug fix: Generating Shop Drawings slowed down or crashed WinBidPro - Clicking the "Shop Drawings" menu item multiple times could cause WinBidPro to take up enormous amounts of memory and sometimes would cause the application to crash.
  10. Bug fix: Components with different sized stock lengths caused optimization errors - When a component had two parts that came from stock lengths of different lengths, the part with short stock lengths could cut too long and cause the optimizer to give a "Too big" error. More: Starting with 15.4.1, when a component has two parts that come from stock lengths of different sizes, the smaller stock length material is now automatically cut to a size that will work for that stock length so the optimizer can process them without any manual entry. Note that these cuts may not always be "ideal" and should be used for estimating purposes only. We will make the cuts better in a future update but we wanted to make it easier on our estimators with this quick fix for now.

What's New in WinBidPro 15.4.0 Beta

Dec 11, 2016

This was a big update that we took months to create. It offers significant performance improvements that make WinBidPro work much better in a multi- user environment. In addition, this update includes improvements to drawings, the UI of several windows, and fixes several bugs. The complete list of improvements is below:

  1. Huge Performance Increases For Shared Catalogs - The majority of this update was about making WinBidPro fast for 2 or more users working with the same catalog database file at the same time. Users shouldn't notice much difference between a shared catalog and private catalog.
  2. Improved Look and Resizing Of Optimizer Window - The grids of data in the optimizer window have a new look that is consistent with the rest of the program but the functionality has not changed much. The maximize buttons were moved to be more intuitive and resizing the window will now expand the grids without making all the fonts and buttons bigger.
  3. Fixed Optimizer Window Bug - Fixed a bug in the Optimizer window that occurred when performing multiple, consecutive deletes of cut pieces. (Note: Deleting multiple parts at once was working properly.)
  4. No Longer Need to Manually Click Redraw - A long-lived annoyance of having to "Redraw" elevations after making framing system, door, and door frame system changes has been resolved by our brilliant programmers! Now, the drawing and the parts reflect the changes right away without the need to redraw!
  5. Better Precision in Measurements on Drawings - Drawings can now display measurements with 1/32nd precision. We also fixed a bug that would cause feet measurements to sometimes display like 3'12" -- it now displays properly as 4'.
  6. Free CAD Program - A free CAD program included with v15 is completely new. All tools and features in the new CAD are now fully functional. The installer gives you the option to install this free program or not. If you exclusively use another CAD program, there is no need to install the free program
  7. Private Catalog Feature Added - WinBidPro is now able to track catalogs listed in the Select Vendor window at a user level. A catalog may be listed as "Shared" (it will display in the list for all users), or "Private" (it will display only for the current user). This is most helpful when a team is sharing a Master.mdb, but each user has their own private catalog files--the list can be enormous. Note: adding a catalog as "Private" does not necessarily mean other users cannot use it. 2 or more users may add the same file as "Private" if they each have access to that file from each of their machines, effectively making it a shared file between them.
  8. Select Vendor Window Resizing Improved - Text no longer disappears or resizes in the Vendor Catalog List window when the whole window is resized. Also the list will expand with the window to show more items rather than display in a bigger font.
  9. Edit Vendor Location window Improved - A Browse button was added to the Select Vendors Edit window. This allows you to navigate for a vendor file instead of having to type in a location manually.
  10. New Filtering Feature in Final Glass Report - The Final Glass report will now reflect the filtered data from the Final Glass form. For example, filtering the list to only Tempered glass will only show Tempered glass on the printed report.
  11. Default Export Format of Reports Changed to CSV - The default export format for Final Glass, Final Parts, and Job Labor is now CSV. This format can be opened in Excel or used by most any software as an import format. A CSV folder will be created in the current vendor with the current job’s files inside when these exports are used.
  12. New "Added Job Labor" Feature - Added feature to the “Added Job Labor” portion of labor calculations that lets you calculate added labor by either a flat price, or by the hour. The hourly rate is based on the Miscellaneous rate for the first elevation of that job. A detailed list of added labor is now included in the final labor report.
  13. Notes Added in Framing System Parts Window - A note was added to the "Cover and Receptor" portion of the Stock Length tab in the Framing System Parts window. This note just clarifies that all parts in this section are not interrupted by vertical mullions.
  14. Improved Final Glass Report - The total square foot value in the top right corner of the Final Glass report was updated to include the "minimum square foot" value when actual glass sizes are smaller than the set minimum.
  15. Fixed Arch Calculations Bugs - Elevations with arched tops, both with and without head receptors are now drawn more accurately, and their cut size are correctly calculated. The "Add to arch …" value found in the System Defaults window is now accurately reflected in the cut lengths as well.
  16. Improved Raked Top Calculations - A raked (or sloped) top now draws accurately and the cuts are more precise.
  17. Fixed Meeting Stile Parts Bug - Fixed a bug where the Meeting Stile parts for a pair of doors were not getting calculated.
  18. Fixed Add/Deduct Bug - Fixed a bug with the "Add/Deduct for Vertical Mullions and Jambs" feature where the check boxes to apply this to either wall jambs or verticals, or both, was were not working correctly.
  19. Fixed Edit Frame Labor Window Bug - Fixed a bug in the Edit Frame Labor window which occurred when trying to switch to the next elevation but it was already showing the last elevation’s info.
  20. Fixed Elevation Labor Hours and Rakes Window Bug - Fixed a bug in the Elevation Labor Hours and Rates window that was preventing you from switching from one elevation to another.