WinBidPro Vendor Catalog Install Help

Here is how the Install/Removal process works:

Installing a Vendor Catalog

1. Select a vendor from the list on the Vendor Catalogs page and you will see a page describing details about the company you have chose. At the bottom of this particular vendor's page you will find a blue download button.

Click this button to start the download. Once completed, you now want to Run the file that was downloaded.

2. You will now see an Installer Welcome screen. This process works much like installing any other program.

The one option you have when installing a catalog is the location of the folder to be created.

By default, catalogs will be installed in C:\WinBidPro folder along with the name of the vendor. If you have installed your WinBidPro software somewhere other than this default location, you will need to change the location before continuing with the install.

3. You will be presented with our GDS License Agreement as well as a WinBidPro Readme file that will explain some important points about using this estimating software.

When the vendor installation is complete, the name of this vendor will automatically be added to your vendor list inside WinBidPro.

If for some reason you don't see this new vendor's name appear in your list, your software may be configured for a network environment, and you may have to copy the newly installed vendor folder to your server drive. Then you would have to use the "Add New" button in the Select a Vendor window to add this new vendor to the list.

Removing WinBidPro Vendor Catalogs

1. When a vendor catalog is installed for WinBidPro, there is no record of this in the Programs section of the Control Panel, therefor there is no need for a typical Uninstall. Since these catalogs may contain valuable job information for your company, we did not want any sort of "accidental" removal to occur. On this same note, re-installing a vendor catalog will not overwrite the same files that already exist. This is yet another safety precaution to help prevent the loss of job information.

2. Instead of using an Uninstaller, there are two things you can do to remove a vendor catalog from WinBidPro. The first is simply clicking the Remove button in the Select a Vendor window. (refer to the screen shot above for this). This will remove the item from the list, but does not remove any files from the computer. The next thing you could do is Delete the folder from the computers drive. Find the WinBidPro folder (this is on the C: drive by default).

If you do plan to Delete the vendor folder from your drive, you need to BE ABSOLUTELY SURE that you don't want any information contained in this vendor (the folder will have parts, systems, jobs, details, PDF, DWG files and more).You will also want to be sure you have removed the name from the list as before you physically delete the folder.
After doing this, there will be not trace of this vendor's information in WinBidPro.